10 Tea-Infused Products You Need In Your Beauty Routine

It seems like a new beauty craze crops up practically every day, but there’s a reason some have staying power. And in the case of tea as a beauty staple, that staying power has lasted a very, very long time. “Tea is the world's most ancient remedy,” says Lev Glazman, cofounder of Fresh. “It was discovered thousands of years ago in China, where people cultivated its use as a medicine, as a ritual, as an art form.”

Turns out the world’s most popular beverage has plenty of beauty perks. “Tea makes for a great ingredient because it has wonderful benefits for the skin,” says dermatologist and author of Skin Rules, Debra Jaliman, MD. It’s packed with powerful antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits, plus it’s effective and gentle, making it perfect for all skin types. “There are so many different varietals when it comes to tea,” says Lori Leib, creative director of Bodyography Professional Cosmetics. “Whether you decide to incorporate herbal, black, green, white, or red tea, you will receive unique benefits from each.”

Of course, drinking tea and applying tea bags directly on your skin is good for you, too. “Applying it topically soothes irritation caused by sun damage, razor burn, bug bites, or tired and puffy eyes,” says Leib. “When used topically, green tea neutralizes damage done by exposure to UV rays and contains vitamin K, which helps reduce dark circles and puffiness in the eyes.”

For small areas, such as under the eyes, or on little bumps, use one or two tea bags, steep them in hot water first, let them cool, and apply to the area. For larger areas, steep eight to 10 tea bags in a concentrated amount of hot water. Once all the tea bags are room temperature, wrap them in muslin, kitchen gauze, or an old T-shirt, and apply to the area.

Of course, you could just make life easier by buying one of the 10 tea-infused products ahead.

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Puffy skin? Stick this mask in the fridge before using for instant soothing. Infused with blue lotus, white tea, and Asian botanicals, the natural fiber mask delivers antioxidants and minerals to fight free radicals and improve skin texture, while white mulberry brightens, and anise firms, hydrates, and renews. “White tea contains the same types of antioxidants as green tea, but in greater quantity,” says Dr. Jaliman. “Antioxidants protect the body from damage by free radicals. Free radicals wreak havoc on your body, damaging DNA, collagen, and elastic tissue, and accelerate aging and wrinkling. Antioxidants scoop them up and neutralize them.”

Pūr~lisse Blue Lotus and White Tea Treatment Mask, $8, available at Pūr~lisse.
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Green tea, hyaluronic acid, organic chamomile, ceramides, vitamins, and organic aloe vera make up this mild cleanser that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils or alter its pH. “Green tea has incredible antioxidant properties, and is used in skin care and cosmetics for many reasons,” says Leib. “Green tea helps soothe skin, especially redness, and fights off free radicals. It will help delay sunspots, sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Green tea will keep blemishes at bay, heal scars, and reduce inflammation.”

Sea Radiance Gentle Cleanser, $35, available at Sea Radiance.
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Pull off a Kylie Jenner with these tinted lip stains that make your smoocher look fuller and plump courtesy of green tea, which also conditions dry puckers. Plus, hydrating peptides will leave your lips softer, smoother, and protected.

Smith & Cult The Tainted Lip Stained, $24, available at Smith & Cult.
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This serum reduces the appearance of fine lines while imparting a lasting glow. "We turned specifically to black tea because it is the most oxidized of all teas harvested from the Camellia sinensis plant,” Glazman says. “It’s not only rich in color with deep flavor, but it has incredibly high levels of potent antioxidants that protect against damaging free radicals to maintain a youthful complexion. It is also packed with tannins, which are known to have antiseptic properties, as well as caffeine, which helps increase circulation.”

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Firming Serum, $98, available at Fresh.
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Green-tea extract is just one of 10 active ingredients in this 7-free formula, along with keratin, evening primrose, and biotin to give you healthy, shiny nails. This healthy alternative to gel polish has staying power without any of the damage — plus, a rounded brush with more bristles makes application smoother. “Nail products that contain tea can help with brittle nails and will also hydrate them,” says Dr. Jaliman.

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro, $20, available at Deborah Lippmann.
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Add these serum-like drops to your skin-care products — like oils, serums, creams, or moisturizers — and the concentrated formula will bring plenty of anti-aging perks. Vitamin A stimulates natural cell turnover and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, while jasmine oil improves hydration. “Jasmine tea has very high levels of antioxidants, a natural defense against free radicals,” says Dr. Jaliman.

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops A + Jasmine, $48, available at Cover FX.
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“Rooibos tea is a red tea made from a South African red bush and it’s known to have even more antioxidant benefits than green tea,” says Leib. “This is why I chose Rooibos as a key ingredient in our Silk Cream Compact Foundation.” High in vitamin D and zinc, which protect against UV damaging rays and strengthen the skin, its AHAs turn back the clock by reducing and preventing wrinkles, leaving skin glowing.

Bodyography Silk Cream Compact Foundation, $32, available at Bodyography.
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Consider this concealer a magic wand that makes pores, lines, and wrinkles disappear. The hydrating complex keeps skin plump while black tea ferment, a.k.a. kombucha, fills in grooves in skin. “Kombucha helps bring back luster to dull skin and firms the complexion,” Glazman says. “It is so effective because it calls upon the best of what the black tea tradition has to offer.”

Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher, $35, available at Charlotte Tilbury.
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“Chamomile is anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic properties,” says Dr. Jaliman, meaning it can calm the area’s sensitive skin. The moisturizing formula does the classic deodorant job, but also promises softer, smoother skin.

Dove Advanced Care Soothing Chamomile Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, $5.99, available at Drugstore.com.
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Inspired by tea rituals, this floral and wood fragrance was designed for both men and women. It’s an interpretation of the black tea of Yunnan, grown at an altitude of 2,000 meters in the red soil of southwest China. Notes of Damask rose, patchouli, and Agarwood round out the leathery scent.

Bvlgari Au Thé Noir, $97, available at Neiman Marcus.
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