An Ode To Taylor Swift's BFF Fashion

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If you and your best friend are super-tight, chances are you get closer and closer each day to having identical wardrobes — or at least coordinating wardrobes. Personally, my BFF and I can't even go out for brunch without showing up in similar looks; we'll coincidentally both be wearing a shapeless dress or our own variations of an all-white look.

Taylor Swift and her girl gang are no exception (stars — they're just like us!) In fact, there's been rumors that Taylor Swift clues her ride-or-dies in on what to wear before they hang, and the star's even been quoted saying that her outfits are all based on what her friends think. But whether it's planned or by coincidence, you know Taylor and her girl gang will always be looking on-point when they step out on the scene. So, we're looking back at some of our favorite Swift BFF style moments — and making the outfits shoppable, just for you. Click on and share with your bestie.
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The Look: Ladies Who Lunch
The BFF: Jaime King

What, you weren't invited to the chicest lunch date ever? Neither were we. But if we were, we'd be sure to wear our classiest collared dress or our best flow-y button-up.

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The Look: Off-Duty Models
The BFF: Gigi Hadid & Martha Hunt

Yes, it is really hard looking this good all the time. With Gigi's highly coveted Stella McCartney Platforms and Taylor's legs-for-days skater skirt, this blonde trio was sure to turn some heads.

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The Look: Black & White
The BFF: Camila Cabello

Every blonde needs a brunette. And we can just imagine how this pre-going-out conversation went down: "Camilla, we're only wearing black, white, red, and pink tonight, okay?"

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The Look: Paparazzi-Ready
The BFF: Selena Gomez

The paps must have gone crazy over this harness situation — and so did Taylor's fans. She later offered an explanation for it on her Tumblr: “I think you’re ignoring a really important point here… That my harness and I are always ready for a zip line/rock climbing. Ask yourself.. Are you ready for extreme adventure should it present itself? HARNESS LIFE 2015,” Taylor explained.

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The Look: Plaid Pairing
The BFF: Karlie Kloss

They didn't plan it, they swear! Plaid is just so perfect for fall, they just happened to wear it on the same day — and looked adorable doing it.

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The Look: Crop-Tops & Short Bottoms
The BFF: Serayah McNeill

White crop tops, super-short bottoms, and sky-high heels — got it. Just another typical night out with T-Swift.

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