Taming Of The 'Do: Pipino 57 Transforms Willow's Tresses

Lured into test driving Reserve's latest offer last night, I was a little sheepish walking into Ric Pipino's brand new salon, Pipino 57, for my hair makeover and blowout lesson. My hair had a serious beach look going on and I don't mean perfectly windblown and wavy à la Kate Upton. Instead, it was long, full of split ends and bleached out from the summer sun. While I've been wearing this look with pride the last few weeks, it's time to face the fall and leave the summer 'do behind. And so I waved goodbye to my beloved mane, knowing a true hair professional would see my hair as more of a mess than a head of full-bodied memories. See what happened as he transformed my tresses to keep me looking chic.
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While I was admittedly a little nervous at first, I could tell Ric Pipino knew exactly what he was doing!
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First comes the consultation with Ric Pipino himself, and, lucky for me, I was in very capable (and welcoming!) hands. I told him immediately that he was free to exercise his creative talents on my mane and he assured me he wouldn't do anything too crazy.
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Before having my hair washed (everyone's favorite part!), I got a grand tour of the beautiful salon, and then landed in the chair for the moment of truth.
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And he had the coolest rings!
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Let me just say, I think I've been getting the same haircut since I was in middle school, so for me to allow a complete stranger free reign over my locks was a big move on my part.
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The bright salon is both cheery and tasteful, with just the right amount of bling (awesome big gold chains hang as dividers on the main floor) and small colorful accents. Many clients complimented staff members on the overall calm vibe and I agreed that it puts you at ease.
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The first chop is always the hardest but once those dead ends were gone it was definitely a load off.
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Because I'm a girl with hair to spare, I never, I repeat NEVER, blow dry my own hair— something about blow drying it always seems to increase its size. Turns out, I just never knew how to dry it right.
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My chop wasn't too dramatic but added shape around my face and took away all my damaged ends. I needed to learn how to do it myself and Ric Pipino was just the man to teach me.

After applying Revolution In Cut's Long Layers Primer, Pipino showed me how to use the brush and dryer to make my hair look shiny, straight (without being lifeless or too pin straight) and, finally, frizz-free. I couldn't believe how tamed my mane looked when Pipino was done. I might get into this whole blow drying thing after all! Today's day two and I'm still loving it. Is it weird that I'm worried to wash my hair?

Need a little tress-taming yourself? Pipino 57 is offering R29 Reservers their services for a steal––but only for a limited time. Hey, you might see me there for a touch-up!