50 Swimsuits To Prep For Spring Break

January is the most depressing part of the year: It's cold, dark, and dreary, and the holidays are a distant memory at this point. But, save your (frozen) tears — it's also the best time to slip into a swimsuit and get the hell away.
While you may already have a long weekend in Miami booked, or a vacation mapped out across the globe, it all doesn’t feel real until you buy the ultimate vacay must: your suit. Since you're busy having a back-at-work pity party, we'll take care of it for you (hey, start your relaxing early) with 50 of the best bathing suits, broken down by style. Whether you’re looking for a two-tone maillot to compliment your curves, a cutout one-piece to show just a touch of skin, or a full-on string bikini, there’s something for everybody (and every budget!) right here. Click through to find your new go-to, and cheer up already.
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Strapless Bikini
So spot on.
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Well, here's one way to stand out.
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Wallpaper floral patterns are massive this season — especially on swimwear.
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Colorblocking done SO right.
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Can't go wrong with a classic.
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You may be tempted to wear this top with a high-waisted jean for beachfront drinks, and that's okay.
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Classic Bikini
The scalloping makes basic black feel more interesting.
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Mixed prints feel artsy without trying so hard.
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You so fancy.
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The water-bound version of a bandage dress.
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Ruching level: expert.
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Halter Bikini
This top has side boning to ensure it won't sag, and it looks like a gorgeous, wearable pretzel.
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This rad bikini top could easily work layered under a chambray shirt.
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A little two-faced, but oh well.
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Shimmy shimmy.
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How to make a teeny bikini feel dainty.
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The center sheer paneling keeps this covered-up top interesting.
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Sporty Bikini
Bright colors and mesh: it's practically a track uniform.
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The brand monogram is very '90s. And, very right now.
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No sunburns for this girl!
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Preppy with an athletic spin.
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The full coverage up top is ideal for those impromptu beach runs.
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Orange you glad this made its way into your suitcase?
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Classic One-Piece
Let's band together and ALL buy this beauty.
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When you're burning the midnight oil — poolside.
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The slight tie-dye and high-cut hips make this a total #throwback.
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This is classic from the front, dramatic in back.
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Totally rad texture.
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An up-and-down win.
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Cut-Out One-Piece
You won't believe how flattering this is.
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Don't worry, it's not real denim.
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This tricky style looks like a two-piece, but isn't.
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Horizontal stripes are suddenly flattering because of the extreme cut-out detail.
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A slight opening is sometimes just enough.
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The side view is epic.
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Long-Sleeve One-Piece
Perfect for you surfer girls.
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Elongate your silhouette with this style featuring a single bright stripe.
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So chic as a bodysuit, too.
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Zip up.
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If you literally never want to take off your breton stripes.
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Like an outfit for the water.
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V-Neck One-Piece
This color combo is particularly sweet.
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Ombre's still going strong.
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An ultra-flattering pattern combo.
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Connect the dots — you need this.
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It's like the cool girl from Baywatch who wouldn't bother to wear red.
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Formalwear swimwear.
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Red hot — Pamela style.

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