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With the arrival of another spring comes our latest seasonal playlist. Some of these selections we first heard in the winter, but they were so sunny and optimistic we had to pull them out again in the spring (we're thinking of El Guincho's "Palmitos Park"). Others are newfound favorites that just feel perfect for this time of year. Finally, we added a few dance tracks for good measure. Because dancing is always in season.
whitestboyalive_130x130 1. Whitest Boy Alive—Golden Cage
"Golden Cage—Fred Falke Remix" [MP3]
Whitest Boy Alive gets the jubilant French house treatment. It's a marriage made in dancefloor heaven. Buy this album
mgmt_spring08 2. MGMT—Oracular Spectacular
"Electric Feel" [MP3]
There's something about the falsetto vocals, retro synths, and propulsive drumbeat in this song that has us totally hooked. Buy this album
breeders_spring08 3. The Breeders—Mountain Battles
"Night of Joy" [MP3]
The Breeders return with a sparse and haunting 60's girl group-inspired track. Buy this album
kelleypolar_130x130_spring08 4. Kelley Polar—I Need You to Hold on While the Sky is Falling
"Entropy Reigns" [MP3]
Polar may make dance music with the subtle craft of a classical musician, but that doesn't stop this song from sounding like a long lost Human League single. Buy this album
hotchip_spring08 5. Hot Chip—Made in the Dark
"One Pure Thought" [MP3]
The arrival of a new Hot Chip album is a cause for celebration, and this track is getting the job done when we need a fix bad. Buy this album
All MP3s are for sampling purposes only. Please go out and buy the artists' records. If anyone would like for us to remove a track, please email us at feedback@refinery29.com.
airFfrance_spring08 6. Air France—On Trade Winds
"Beach Party" [MP3]
We love the ethereal feel of this song, like a dream about beachside dance party. Sublime summer music. Buy this album
johnmaus_spring08 7. John Maus—Love is Real
"Rights for Gays" [MP3]
John Maus, like his friend Ariel Pink, toes the line between bad taste and pop genius. We tend to lean toward the latter. Buy this album
beachhouse_spring08 8. Beach House—Devotion
"D.A.R.L.I.N.G." [MP3]
Keyboards and slide guitar played really slow—it may be a formula but we think that Beach House makes some of the most beautiful music today. Buy this album
portishead_spring08 9. Portishead—Third
"The Rip" [MP3]
This song starts out sounding like a million different bands before it magically morphs into a brilliant new Portishead song. Buy this album
elguincho_spring08 10. El Guincho— Alegranza
"Palmitos Park" [MP3]
One of our favorite new artists, the leadoff track from El Guincho's new album uses odd samples to re-create the sound of Brazilian tropicalia. Buy this album
All MP3s are for sampling purposes only. Please go out and buy the artists' records. If anyone would like for us to remove a track, please email us at feedback@refinery29.com.
elparrodelmar_spring08 11. El Perro Del Mar—From the Valley to the Stars
"How did we forget" [MP3]
More '60s AM Gold from this Swedish singer. Sounds like something that would come on the radio in a David Lynch movie. Buy this album
sheandhim_spring08 12. She & Him—Volume One
"Sentimental Heart" [MP3]
Multi-talented Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward teamed up for this new album. She kind of sounds like an old-timey country singer, and it fits perfectly with M. Ward's whole throwback aesthetic. Buy this album
atlassounds_spring08 13. Atlas Sound—Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
"Recent Bedroom" [MP3]
Atlas Sound's new album is such a completely enchanting listening experience that it's hard to choose a favorite track. We tried anyway. Buy this album
samamidon_soring08 14. Samamidon—All is Well
"Saro" [MP3]
This is basically a simple folk song, but we love how the horns and strings drift in and out of track. Buy this album
hercules_spring08 15. Hercules and Love Affair—Hercules and Love Affair
"Time Will" [MP3]
Somehow Antony makes perfect sense as a disco diva. This new album from DFA Records is sounding like the best dance release of the year (so far). Buy this album
telepathe_spring08 16. Telepathe—RBR 001
"I can't stand it" [MP3]
We thought that this would be the perfect mix closer because it has this soaring quality that makes you wish it would never end. Buy this album
All MP3s are for sampling purposes only. Please go out and buy the artists' records. If anyone would like for us to remove a track, please email us at feedback@refinery29.com.Our latest playlist to sing along to this spring.

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