Protect Yourself From the Boogeyman with Surface to Air's Spring 2010 Jewelry

They say that if you want some protection hanging around your neck. a rabbit's foot or a four-leafed clover might be your best bet. But if you really want to get the "don't mess with me" message across, we'd like to point you to Surface to Air's spring 2010 line of jewelry. A melange of swords, hunting traps, skulls, a noose, guillotine blades, and knuckle rings, the macabre collection seems like a henchman's dream. We can't wait to snag a Ram's Head ring or a Pearl Noose necklace (actually, we'll take both please), and we'll make sure to wear a few troublemakers and crowd-parters come Fashion Week when we really need some get-outta-the-way luck!

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