First Sip! Straw’s Summer-Tastic Cocktail Menu

Hayes Valley eatery Straw can already stake claim to one of the best (or at least the most fun) themes of any resto in town—the American carnival! The dinner menu includes creative sandwiches like the Bearded Lady (pulled-pork mixed with blackberry coulis, chipotle BBQ sauce, and citrus slaw) and the Ringmaster (a Niman Ranch burger with cheddar and a house-glazed doughnut stuck in it). Of course with delicious eatin' offerings like that, we were equally hyped to hear that a not-so-ho-hum cocktail menu was on the way, too. Edited to a tight four drinks—yep, pick your poison!—we’re revealing the super-fun boozy line-up (available today!) right after the jump. Hint: Fun Dip rims, sangria slushies, and an odd concoction served in a candy-filled fish bowl are included. Bottoms up!
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The Big Dipper, $7
For those who like their lemonade spiked, this version comes with Sabé double-barrel premium saké, strawberry compote to add a little color and fruit flavor, fresh basil, and a festive Fun Dip rim.
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Da Fish In Sea, $35 (serves 4)
A scorpion bowl like you've never seen before, this concoction includes Sabé double-barrel premium saké, pineapple juice, Blue Curacao, and a big ol' fishbowl container filled with candy, including, of course, Swedish Fish!
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Summer In The City, $7
Nothing says summer quite like juicy watermelon! Straw's agua fresca option (with a definite twist) includes watermelon puree combined with a blend of Kumosabé double-barrel nigori saké, lemon, and a salt-sprinkled rim for a little bite.
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Sangria Slushie, $8
Infuse a little fun into your summer sangria by taking it slushie style! This housemade version consists of Berryessa Gap Rosé and plenty of yummy booze-infused seasonal fruit.