Suno Spring 2011 has all Three P's: Pretty Party Prints!

Mixed prints, loud jewelry, and shots of lime—Suno's spring 2011 set was a parade of walking party favors. Even the gray-toned skirts encompassed enough swishing, swirling, polka-dotted print-age to get the room shaking. Hemlines ranged from the shortest imaginable shorts to full-length dresses, and a little swimwear thrown into the mix left us craving for the boardwalk already. The collection was capped off by a white, multi-tiered floor-length dress that emitted the very essence of punk-chic... despite being a white, multi-tiered floor length dress—impressive! Finally, knowing what incredible shoe-whores we are by our shoe stalking expeditions, you can bet we'll be all over the Loeffler Randall shoe collaboration once they hit stores in the spring. Deeelicious!