5 Fresh Ways To Wear Your Summer Dress

Dresses — doy — they go on your body. Let's get that out there before we go any further, and acknowledge that, yes, literally speaking, there's really only one way to wear a dress. But, thinking in such sweeping, conversation-ending terms just sucks the air out of the proverbial room. If you speak our language, you can use the same dress to say completely different things — it's all about mixing up your styling.
Whether it's "I'm game for anything today," or "I'm not like everyone you meet," these throw-on pieces can say all kinds of things. And, if you're a chronic dress-wearer, you probably already own a number of the five dresses that follow. You just haven't been putting 'em together like this. Skip the weekend shopping trip and get ready for your same old dresses to speak volumes, starting with: "I'm a master of recycling."
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The Slip Dress
It's slinky and body-skimming, so you might think that this style of dress only works in your after-hours wardrobe. But, you'd be wrong.
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With a long vest (that ends at or below the widest part of your hips), the slip dress can work for the office, too. Just make sure that you're keeping any cleavage in check — you still want to look professional.
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The Strapless Dress
This standby has seen the summer wedding circuit go 'round, but now it's time to give it the weekend-warrior treatment.
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The Shirtdress
Light as air and totally breezy, this dress is probably your Sunday staple along with your favorite low heels and a no-nonsense tote. But, there's a way to do it that feels a little more sophisticated.
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Unbuttoned to your waist, tucked in slightly, and worn with a pair of jeans, a shirtdress can suddenly turn into a mini train. It's a bold, fashion-forward look that's easier than you think to pull off. Luxe-looking accessories help make the whole thing feel more deliberate.
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The Drop-Waist Dress
This was a staple in your closet a couple years back, but you've become a bit bored with the silhouette.
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The Layered Sundress
Frilly, tiered, and ruffled, this dress is a whole lot of fun to wear. What would make it more fun, though?
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Even more frills, tiers, and ruffles. With a knee-length skirt underneath that fills out the bottom of the dress, a short sundress becomes even more dramatic. Wear structured accessories, lest you become too cupcake-like.