17 Breezy Tips From NYC's Coolest

Photo: Courtesy of Supreme, Oliver Peoples, yoox.com.
Chances are you're going to be spending most of your summer outside, whether on a beach, on a rooftop for happy hour, or on a walk to work that has replaced your morning subway ride. Although there's nothing sweeter than fresh air (especially after suffocating indoors all winter long), the beating sun mixed with humidity can make you as drenched as if you'd been in a pool — before you've even made it to the lawn chair.
So, we turned to five cool girls to school us on how to literally stay cool this summer — without sacrificing style. Click through to see the clothes, accessories, beauty goods, and more that'll conquer Mother Nature and keep you lookin' fresh all season long. Don't sweat it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sara Glick (headshot).
Makeup artist Sara Glick has been summering in Europe for the past two years, and this August, she's taking it to Italy. But, living la dolce vita doesn’t make this beauty pro immune to the season’s sweat and grime — she's gotta come prepared. So, what’s she packing to keep cool?
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“Since I dress pretty simply and usually end up wearing black or blue, I like to have one thing in my summer arsenal that has color. This Supreme hat is made of cotton that breathes and has a beautiful, multicolored, woven pattern. Traveling is a passion of mine, and this hat makes me feel excited to explore new places.”
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“In the summer months, it’s hard to stay dry, so a handkerchief is essential. It’s easy to carry around and even easier to just throw in the wash. I have a million, but my all-time favorite is the basic bandana you can find at any army or navy store. It comes in a range of colors, but I try to stick to the lighter or paler shades. When it gets really hot, one of my tricks to stay cool is to wrap a few ice cubes in the bandana and tie it around my neck or wrists. It’s like having a portable cooling system!”
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“A lot of times, I find that body moisturizers can be greasy, take forever to sink in, and leave marks on my clothes and bedding. That’s why I love a lightweight body lotion like Vaseline Spray & Go™ Moisturizer Aloe Fresh*. It’s perfect right after a shower, but it’s also a wonderful after-sun moisturizing product. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated, especially in the summer, and this helps it calm down and cool off. Plus, the spray creates a cooling effect, so it actually feels good to apply."

*This sponsorship is a collaboration between Vaseline, Refinery29, and Sara Glick, a makeup artist and paid endorser.
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Photo: Courtesy of Melaena Cadiz (headshot).
Folk singer Melaena Cadiz will be living out of a suitcase for the next five weeks while touring. She's in the process of carefully selecting the perfect items that'll be comfortable to wear on the road and easy to throw on for a show. Here's what she's packing.
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"I just want to wear lightweight sack dresses all summer long, and Elizabeth Suzann's are my favorite — effortless shapes in beautiful fabrics."
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"I love these Wolverine Festival Sandals. A nice twist on a classic style: business in front, party in the back to keep cool."
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"Lighter jewelry is perfect for the summer. I'm in love with these simple rings from Albisia's Jewelry. I've been wearing big, silver necklaces all winter, but I'm feeling light, clean lines for summer."
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Photo: Courtesy of Anna Gray (headshot).
Homepolish editor Anna Gray is getting ready to launch the site's accompanying magazine this summer. So, she needs easy pieces that'll not only keep her relaxed while she's busy finalizing the mag, but also when she's off-duty, running around on the beach in Cape Cod with her dogs.
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"When I need to look a little more put together for evening soirees, I'll wear these MNZ sandals. They're pretty, minimal, not sweaty, and perfect."
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"Full disclosure: Khoi is a friend of mine, and these are my initials (because that's my backpack). I'm biased, but his leather goods are so good. This white leather option will be my beach companion. (P.S. Don't be precious — white leather looks good dirty!)"
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"It's going to be a hot summer, so I plan on wearing as little as possible. Silk, linen, and other light fabrics in breezy shapes will be my apparel go-to. This Zara dress says, 'I look put together and cool,' even when I'm in sweaty-subway hell."
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Photo: Courtesy of Noelle Sciacca (headshot).
Lucky market editor Noelle Sciacca spends her days running between showroom appointments to check out designers' latest collections. Meaning: Breezy, comfortable wares that'll allow her to hop around without worrying about overheating are 100% crucial.
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"A simple dress is my go-to uniform when it's sweltering in the city. The silhouette is chic enough to wear to work, and the flowy skirt and open back will keep me cool — whether or not I'm able to catch that much-needed summer breeze."
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"In the summer, I like to walk to most of my market appointments instead of taking the subway. These open-toe sandals won't trap in the heat and will keep my feet cool and comfortable when I'm pounding the pavement."
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"Taking a dip in the ocean is the best way to beat the heat in the summer. One-piece swimsuits are having a moment, which I'm excited about. Now, I can enjoy a few slices of pizza at the shore without regrets. Food babies rejoice!"
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Photographed by Chantell Bianchi (headshot).
The Aussie heat can be intense during summer. So, Australian-based freelance beauty journalist and Gritty Pretty founder Eleanor Pendleton is always on the hunt for beauty goods that'll keep her skin cool and accessories that'll help beat the heat as she's running around.
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"During summer, I prefer not to wear a lot of makeup. A good-quality, tinted SPF 50 and a peach crème blush are all I need to take me from beach to bar. This beautiful, rose-scented blush by By Terry is lightweight and has a gel-like texture. It melts onto cheeks for the perfect holiday glow."
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"Australian summers can be quite intense, so it’s important to protect skin against UV damage. When I go out in the sun, I like to wear a fedora hat. It not only looks great, but it protects your face as well."
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"I've got a weakness for Missoni towels. The large beach towels add a pop of bright color and make me happy when I walk to the beach and go for a swim to escape the heat."
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Photo: Courtesy of Wendy Lam (headshot).
Founder and editor-in-chief of nitro:licious Wendy Lam has no plans to slow down this summer (she has a blog to run!). She's gearing up for a jam-packed season with these three musts.
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"I'm a big sunglasses person and wear them year-round, but especially in the summer to not only look good, but to protect the eyes. These pilot sunglasses are the perfect shape (I love the modern take on the '70s style) and also super-lightweight."
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"I carry two phones with me most of the time, and I just received this S5 phone, and it's amazing — perfect for the summer because it's waterproof... I can take it to the beach and not have to worry about it getting wet when I escape from the sun. And, the camera has crazy options for shooting."
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"Every girl needs a pair of sky-high sandals for the summer to accentuate the legs, especially petite girls like myself. The Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle sandals are my favorite. I've waited three years and finally have them and will wear them a lot this summer."

Christian Louboutin Cardamona Sandals, $995 (similar style), available at Christian Louboutin.

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