How To Make The Most Of A San Francisco Summer

One way we take our minds off S.F.'s lack of sunshine and warmth is to treat ourselves with a little R&R highlighting seasonal goodness. And, Bay Area spas know just how to infuse some summer happiness with treatments that include hydrating and brightening properties that make us feel like we just stepped off the sand into our everyday routines.
We’ve rounded up six luxe treatments that will put the warm-weather pep in your step by using innovative techniques, in-season fruits and veggies, and yes, even a relaxing spray tan to give you that oh-so-authentic S.F. glow. We know — life is rough.
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Photo: Via Spa Radiance/Facebook.
Pacific Berry Facial at Spa Radiance
With farm-to-table dining reaching an absolute fever pitch, we can see why the some spa treatments are adopting a similar mantra: from "farm to face." This facial offered at Spa Radiance is a testament to that ethos and is where to turn if you want to get your face incredibly refreshed. The Pacific Berry facial is a 60-minute long medley of the season's zestiest berries to increase collagen, scrub away dead skin, tighten pores, and ultimately leave you looking full of antioxidants from the inside out. Hydrating and relaxing, this shebang ends in August — so come in and prep your skin for the colder months ahead.
Pacific Berry Facial at Spa Radiance, $175.
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Photo: Via Earthbody.
Summer Glow at Earthbody
To get a leg up on a beautiful, even tan, try the Summer Glow treatment at Earthbody. After your dry skin is shed through a head-to-toe body brush, you will then relax back for full-body massage that centers your mind and energy — so you can focus on you know, the bronzer things in life. Let the good stuff seep in while you enjoy the fine aroma of organic botanicals and oils. We think we just found our happy place.
Summer Glow at Earthbody, $135.
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Photo: Via Senspa.
Antioxidant Brightening Facial at Senspa
While spending your days on a ray-drenched beach sounds like a pretty sweet idea, your skin may be susceptible to hyperpigmentation or sun spots. That's where Senspa comes in. This treatment not only boosts the summer glow, but also is aimed toward slowing down lines and wrinkles and damages by using alpha and beta hydroxy acids and vitamin C. This rich moisture-infused facial is one we want to get over and over again for a shiny-new look and take on skin care.
Antioxidant Brightening Facial at Senspa, $150.
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Photo: Via International Orange.
60 Minute Custom Enzyme Facial at International Orange
Made of a concoction of papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin enzymes, this luxurious facial delivers dense nutrients to J.Lo-ify the skin — leaving you with a natural sun-kissed shine from the inside out. It takes a different spin with the Back to Beautiful add-on that includes a Clarisonic body brush, deep scrub, and yep, more fruity goodness to get your any back impurities in check.
Custom Enzyme Facial at International Orange, $145. Back To Beautiful Add-On, $68.
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Photo: Via Skin Remedy.
The Detox Remedy at Skin Remedy
Had one too many poolside cocktails and now are in need of a major detox? Before you reach for that juice cleanse, hear us out. The Detox Remedy at Skin Remedy is a heat intense treatment that flushes out toxins, eases muscles, and increases circulation. The wrap is a mix of active ingredients, catered to each customer, and is aimed towards reducing water retention, the appearance of cellulite, and easing ligaments. Who needs a five-day juice marathon when you can just pop in for one of these?
The Detox Remedy at Skin Remedy, $125.
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Photographed by Maria del Rio.
Blueberry Papaya Bliss Pedicure at The Claremont Hotel
What we love about this treatment is that it gives your tootsies a little TLC. Like the aforementioned berry-enriched facial treatments, this one takes those properties and applies them to your feet. Get a papaya scrub all over your legs and toes, followed by a peptide mask that soothes and reinvigorates, followed by a vivid colored polish. Okay, now you're totally ready to hit the sand.
Blueberry Papaya Bliss Pedicure at The Claremont Hotel, $85.