3 Must-Hear Party Playlists From KCRW's Music Guru

No matter how anxious that Monday alarm clock makes us feel, there's one beacon of light that can yank us out of bed with gusto (coupled with a macchiato): KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. Those live jams get us bright-eyed despite the occasional malaise of morning. The man pulling off that massive feat is hunky host and 89.9FM music director Jason Bentley, who first served as a volunteer for the non-profit in '88, and has since thrown Adele, Miike Snow, Florence + The Machine, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros into the A&R zeitgeist. He's DJ'ed Oscar parties, scored films like TRON: Legacy with Daft Punk, and will even set sail spinning on the S.S. Coachella, later this year.
So, we asked the music guru to drum up the best tunes themed to three hallmark SoCal functions: the blowout bash, the mellow dinner party, and the backyard BBQ-slash-poolside affair. Spotify 'em up, folks! Trust us, your guests will be floating on-air in no time.
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Dinner Party Mix

For a thoughtful atmosphere and good conversation among friends.
"There's something about a thoughtful music mix that casts a special glow on any dinner party. It's an important layer of the experience, occupying a space that doesn't distract but supports the convivial atmosphere. As far as the food goes, you're on your own!"

Plus, check out these three additional songs not offered yet on Spotify:
“Sunset” by The XX, $9.99, available at Amazon.
“Would That Not Be Nice” by The Divine Fits, available at Amazon.
“Tessellate” by Alt J, $1.55, available at iTunes.

Photos (from left): Courtesy of Maia Harms; Via Amazon; Via iTunes
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Things might get weird!
"Having deejayed many a wild nightclub over the years, there's one universal truth that cannot be denied — people love to party hard! There's a time for a cerebral playlist (see the previous dinner mix) and then there's a time to beat 'em with the rhythm stick. So come and get it ..."

Plus, check out this additional song not offered yet on Spotify:
“Kilo” by Bonde de Rolê, available at Amazon.

Photos (from left): Courtesy of Angela Pham/BFA; Via Amazon; Via iTunes
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Pool Party Mix

A sun-bleached selection dialed to maximum chill mode
"Are you sitting in your office cubicle in some downtown high-rise staring at a computer monitor, wishing you were somewhere far away with a fruity cocktail in hand? Imagine music as a beam of sunshine hitting your face, and that's what's happening with this mix of music. It's synesthesia in ten songs, transporting you to poolside chill mode no matter where you may be. You're welcome!"

Plus, check out this additional song not offered yet on Spotify:
“Fading Listening” by Shiny Toy Guns, available at Shiny Toy Guns.

Photos (from left): Courtesy of Brendan Fallis; Via Amazon; Via iTunes