The Best Products For Your Hair This Summer

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
We've reached that point in summer where our hair has launched a full-fledged rebellion against us. Frizz halos, tinted green tips, dried-out texture, you name it — our mane has felt the stress of the season, and it is not happy. But, we're still a ways off from Labor Day, so it's time to get on the stick and get your style back on track.
To diagnose exactly what our frazzled tresses need this summer, we turned to pro Nicole Descoteaux, a stylist at The Butterfly Studio Salon in NYC, who gave us the rundown on the products your hair is wanting. Whether your mane's thick, thin, natural, processed, blonde, brown, or a mix of 'em all, we've got a way for you to get the style you want every single time. Hair rebellion over.
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Straight Hair
Looking for silky strands that will keep their shape? "Oribe's Gel Serum smooths and holds all in one," Descoteaux says. Apply a small amount before you dry your 'do for stay-all-day shine.
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Natural Hair
"Your [scalp] tends to get oily, so you need a good cleanser," Descoteaux says. If you're already using a cleansing conditioner, you're in luck. If not, it's time to jump on the 'poo-free train.
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Curly Hair
Go frizz-free without the crunch factor of a gel. A curl-defining cream will ensure your coils defy fuzz but will also help them keep their shape.
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Photo: Via Hair Rules.
Wavy Hair
Believe it or not, there are mousses that are especially formulated for wavy hair, so your strands can straddle that line between straight and overly curled. Hair Rules makes a clutch formula just for that.
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Photo: Via Kérastase.
Long Hair
"The Kérastase Cristaliste line was designed especially for long hair," Descoteaux says. It works to keep your hair strong so it can continue to hold its length. Aside from the serum, there's also a shampoo and conditioner, if you're looking for a heavy-duty treatment.
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Photo: Via Rahua.
Medium-Length Hair
For medium hair, look for something that is equally cleansing and moisturizing. "Rahua shampoos and conditioners have the right mix of both," Descoteaux says.
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Short Hair
Although summer may seem like primo time to inject some moisture into your hair, Descoteaux says to stay away from anything too hydrating. "It will contribute to flatness," she says. Instead, reach for a root-lifting spray.
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Photo: Via Moroccan Oil
Blonde Hair
A reparative mask will help keep the green from invading your hair. Moroccanoil also has the added benefit of being super moisturizing, keeping your blonde strands looking their best straight through Labor Day.
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Photo: Via Aveeno.
Brown, Black, Red, Or Colorful Hair
Whether you're natural or dyed, sulfates can be your worst enemy in the summer. Natural colors will see some serious frizz from 'em, and dyed gals will see their hues running straight down their shower drain. Instead, stock your bathroom with a sulfate-free shampoo.
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Photo: Via Shu Uemura.
Thick Hair
All that hair can sometimes be difficult to control come summer since it's easily affected by frizz. Descoteaux suggests Shu Uemura ShuShu Sleek. "It'll help control your hair," she says.
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Photo: Via Avon.
Thin Hair
Ladies with thin hair tend to fall victim to serious breakage due to chlorine, salt, and sun damage. Reach for something gentle but strengthening. Avon's shampoo is formulated for hair that needs reinforcement.
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