Even People Who Hate Beer Will Love These

Everyone wants to be that cool person who knows the way around a beer list, but it takes a genuine interest and/or dedicated effort to get there. For the perennial wine-drinker (or those of us just looking to dip our toes into the world of beer), fruit beers are the perfect place to start. Tart and a little funky, these beers have a nice punch of fresh fruit flavor that makes them as food-friendly and gulp-able as your favorite rosé.

It's not all hops and bubbles: Fruit beers can be a little tricky to navigate, and the wrong selection can get you something that tastes like coconut-laced cheesecake — and not in a good way. To help, we've rounded up some awesome and totally approachable fruit beers (and one cider) in a wide variety of styles. These beverages are just the thing for those of us who have spent most of the summer sipping the same cocktail we always order.