6 Apps To Upgrade Your Summer

city-maps-2Photo: Courtesy of CityMaps
We're proud members of the lazy-girls' (and boys') club, but when summer rolls around, we basically upgrade our membership. We want to be less concerned with the incidentals and ready to soak up every impromptu pleasure. And sometimes, that means we simply don't have the chance to think ahead, and thankfully, that's no longer a concern.
We did the searching for you and found six summer-ready apps that make life a little simpler, travel plans more seamless, and sunny memories easier to save, so you can properly indulge in a dose of nostalgia when cabin fever kicks in next winter. Plus, with nearly all of these must-know apps totally free, you'll have no problem downloading away and making the next fro-yo trip your treat.
CityMaps — You may have the navigational skills of Magellan, but the newly launched CityMaps social app may prove to be your most powerful tool. Instead of your typical "I'm completely lost" navigation app, CityMaps allows you to search a city by interest and view instant reviews and itineraries. Follow friends, save your favorite recommendations, and share your best curated maps. It's a surefire way to always have trusted advice at your fingertips and, of course, avoid that "I have no idea where I am" feeling.
Free for iPhone.
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venmoPhoto: Courtesy of Venmo
Venmo — Admittedly, Venmo is not only a summer favorite but an all-time one. At least, it is around the R29 neck of the woods. The social app syncs up with your bank account or credit card and allows you to pay pals for your portion of the big weekend-brunch tab or beach-house rental — all without ever writing a check. And, with no fees attached (seriously, none), it's the perfect way to stay on top of any inevitable IOUs and never feel like you need to chase down the closest ATM.
Free for iPhone and Android.
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wazePhoto: Courtesy of Waze
Waze — "Road trip!" The two words can lose a bit of the wonder and excitement when you hit the open road and find a bumper-to-bumper nightmare. But that doesn't have to be the case with Waze. Unlike a regular navigation program, Waze lets you connect with other users to share a heads up on real-time traffic changes or that rather-be-avoided speeding trap. Plus, Waze connects you with friends who are on the same route, shares your ETA, and locates the closest gas station for an easy, enjoyable, and efficient summertime on the road.
Free for iPhone and Android.
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throwback-2Photo: Courtesy of Throwback
Throwback — Until now, Thursdays seemed to have all the throwback fun, with pictures of college semesters abroad or the time you rocked a sequin scrunchy in your fifth-grade school photo. But with the new Throwback app that launched this year, you'll be able to arrange the perfect moment of nostalgia at any time you like. In fact, you can schedule it right now. Simply choose or take a photo on your phone, and Throwback throws it to the future. Send a picture of today's perfect sunset to your BFF and have it arrive just in time for her birthday. In March. Or select a photo from your summer vacay, and send yourself a personal pick-me-up at any random point, from one month to five years away. Trust, the pleasant surprise of this flashback — on Thursday, or not — will be worth the wait.
Free for iPhone.
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stowPhoto: Courtesy of Stow
Stow — Either your packing technique consists of throwing a swimsuit into a weekender tote or it's an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach. But, we're ready to strike a happy medium with a packing app that actually allows us to prepare for our summer getaway, no matter where it may be. Stow has a variety of templates to create customized packing lists — including the things you never leave without (contacts, medications) — for whatever your destination. It adjusts to the time you're spending away and the climate of where you're heading. It's essentially a best friend for anyone who doesn't care to organize a packing list, but who'd also rather not show up at the campsite with no raincoat when wet weather's forecasted.
$1.99 for iPhone
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toilet-finder-2Photo: Courtesy of Restroom Finder
Restroom Finder — Plain and simple, nothing kills the mood of a picnic at the beach or a walk around a foreign city like nature calling. This user-generated app tracks down the closest lavatory, so you'll never have to cut your plans short or be forced to spontaneously squat. Also, when in doubt, don't forget to go before you leave the house!
Free for iPhone and Android.

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