11 Hues That Are Going To Be Huge This Summer

Sick and tired of the moody shades of winter? Yeah, we are too. As much as we adore our plums, burgundies, and olive greens, we're ready for something a little brighter. So, we decided to go to the pros — makeup artists Benjamin Puckey and Gina Brooke, and nail expert Miss Pop — with the very important question: What colors are going to be hottest this summer?

Ahead, they list out their favorites for everything from nail polish to lipstick to eyeshadow. The temps may bet taking their time to warm up, but that doesn't mean you can't get a jump-start on your makeup routine. 

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Sparkling Blues
Or, as Miss Pop calls them, mermaid shades. "Metallics aren't just about classic silver and gold this season," she says. "They're going iridescent and getting color in shades straight from my favorite summer hang — the ocean. Sparkling sea blues and aqua mermaid tail scales — it's all about glittery metallics that are Ariel-approved."
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Not-Quite-Pure Red
Red lipstick fans, get ready for something new. Instead of a true red, Puckey suggests reaching for something with a hint of orange. "This matte orange-red lip color is one of my favorite shades because its bold and optimistic," he says. "A big change from the wintery, blue-based reds."
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Budding Greens & Mints
Think mint is a snoozy (and obvious) pick for a summer shade? Miss Pop informs us that this ain't your mama's light green. "This season, it's moving away from the typical Tiffany blue and getting a green thumb," she says. These shades with more of an obvious green lean will look stellar worked into some nail art.
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"Pink eye shadow gives a fresh look to the eyes that feels very spring-like," Puckey says. Instead of a true pink, though, why not reach for something with a little lavender? Puckey suggests layering the two together for a subtle, yet gorgeous, eye look.
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Sandy Nudes
Instead of the typical light beige, Miss Pop says a sandier, more natural color is coming into play. The other interesting part? These hues are ultra opaque. "They're not creamy or pinky, they're tan — like sand," she says. We love hues like this in the summer, because if they chip, it won't be immediately noticeable if it is close to your natural skin tone.
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Pastel Magenta
Rose shades may be clutch for spring, but if you want a more amped-up hue, Gina Brooke says to reach for a brighter magenta. It still gives a good wash of color, but definitely with a bit more attitude. Be sure to prep your lips before application, Brooke warns. "Hydration is key!"
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Vivid Violets
As far as Miss Pop is concerned, baby pink nails need a time-out this summer. Instead, she suggests a bright purple. "This purple is ready to party," she says. "It's a shade so alive, it's nearly neon."
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Just-Bitten Orange
A high-gloss orange is a great pigment for everyday wear. "Apply the lipstick straight from the bullet for more intensity," Brooke says. Since this is a glossy wash, you may need a few swipes to make it really pop.
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Highlighter Chartreuse
This one goes out to all the cool-girls who ain't afraid to get a little wild with their manicures. "It seemed like yellow nail polish's moment came and went few years ago," Miss Pop says. "But, it's back and it's brighter than ever — and a little more flattering to a range of skin tones." If you're scared to go full-monty with this hue, try an accent nail. We'd also dig this as the colorful tip to an otherwise nude mani.
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Milky Pink
Summer seems to be the time when people pull out their bright blushes. But, Puckey believes a more toned-down shade will work this season, too. "This pink gives cheeks a dewy flush, which feels more of-the-moment than a matte powder blush," he explains. "It's the perfect way to bring your face back to life." Plus, it also works as a shadow and lip shade.
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Fluorescent Coral
If you don't stray from the pink family, never fear, Miss Pop has a gorgeous stand-in shade for you. "I can't resist a firey orange-red," she says. "This summer, that shade is getting a pink edge to create the perfect coral — there's nothing demure about it. It's bright, it's bold, it's hot."
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