Sultry, Sexy Party Pics From Refinery29 And The Train & The Box's Don Hills Party

With a name like The Train & The Box, you can't expect a low-key evening. Last Saturday, we celebrated with the trade show's New York showcase with a dark-'n'-stormy party at Don Hills. With winds outside whipping everyone's skirts over their heads, inside, the music pretty much did the same, too, with Slater Bradley spinning some satisfying sing-alongs that had more than a few people indulging in some old fashioned PDA (the open Svedka bar didn't hurt, either). Check out our party pics from of the evening!
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The night summed up in one photo.
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The lovelies over at Bismarck Phillips.
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Our own resident wild child, Anna Plaks.
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Yigal Azrouel and Seventh House PR's Mandie Erickson.
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We wonder what The Train & The Box's Muriel Piaser (in the hat) and co. think is so funny.
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The DJs (with their requisite DJ beanie and DJ stare).
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Hands up if you're drunk!
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Please note the plastic canister of much-welcomed snacks on the table.
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Trust us—we saw the haze, too.
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Now, those are what we call a pair of shimmying shoulders.