10 Breakfast Routines From Successful Women

Photo: Courtesy of Lo Bosworth.
Let’s break down breakfast, shall we? Definitively, it’s “the first meal of the day.” Arguably, it’s the most important. Statistically, it’s what 44% of Americans do every morning. And personally, it’s not on my radar unless it’s after noon and/or covered in hollandaise.

My point: Whether it’s coffee or Cap’n Crunch, we’re all doing it. Even when we’re not calling it breakfast, we all start our day somehow. It’s a routine, more than anything: wake up, get out of bed, and eventually consume something. It’s actually kind of unifying, if you think about it — unless, of course, you choose not to.

So how do the most accomplished women of our generation start their days? From a congresswoman to an Olympic fencer to a financial expert at Google, we asked some extremely successful (and super-cool) young women to share their breakfast routines. Find out how they get going each morning, ahead.
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Photo: Via @haylieduff.
Haylie Duff, Actress/Author, Real Girl's Kitchen
"My favorite breakfast has certainly changed since I have become a mama! Now breakfast is a luxury (ha!), and my morning routine is more like a strong cup of coffee. But on days that I get to slow down a bit, I have always loved a big bowl of crisp baby arugula, drizzled with a good-quality olive oil, chunky sea salt, a squeeze of lemon, and an egg over-easy. Fresh, healthy, and so delicious.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Park Cannon.
Park Cannon, Congresswoman, Georgia House of Representatives
“I enjoy one of two breakfasts, depending on how much time I have. A leisurely breakfast: one brown egg scrambled well with fresh basil leaves (from Atlanta’s Capitol View community garden), plus plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon sprinkles and seasonal fruit on top, and maybe some turkey bacon and slow-cooked grits (I was born and raised in the South, after all). If I’m in a hurry, it’s a kale smoothie made from raw green kale, vanilla soy milk, fresh cucumbers, and any berries I can find to energize me.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Lo Bosworth.
Lauren (Lo) Bosworth, Author/Blogger, The Lo-Down
"My favorite breakfast is a homemade egg muffin! I make them once or twice a week ahead of time, and the ingredients are simple: eggs, vegetables, and a tiny bit of turkey bacon. They’re delicious, high in protein, and travel really well.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Monica Askemit.
Monica Aksamit, Fencer, Team U.S.A.
“I have two versions: quick and easy spinach, mango, banana, strawberry, peanut butter chocolate protein shake, or scrambled eggs with spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms, and goat cheese. Protein, vegetables have to be in all of my options so that I have enough fuel to last me through my workout.”
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Photo: Via @iamiskra.
Iskra Lawrence, Model, #AerieReal Role Model
"When I wake up, I pour a cup full of oats in a pan and mix them with some milk, water, and a bit of salt. I take a shower and let it simmer, and when I come back 10 minutes later, the oats are fluffy and thick. I add honey and sometimes more milk, depending on how I'm feeling. It's an easy and energizing breakfast option, and I love starting my day with something delicious!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Aleia Murawski.
Aleia Murawski, Artist, @aleia._
“My mornings are me trying to get ready in five seconds and eat a waffle, without being late.”
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Photo: Jean Catuffe/Getty Images.
Simone Biles, Gymnast, Team U.S.A.
"At home, I like to have Special K Red Berries for breakfast because it is just a good start to the morning."

[Ed. Note: Biles and the rest of the Final Five of the U.S. Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team have appeared on special-edition boxes of Special K Red Berries.]
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Photo: Courtesy of Katie Lee.
Katie Lee, Co-Host, Food Network’s The Kitchen
"I'm a creature of habit, and I eat the same thing just about every single day — big cup of coffee, Greek yogurt, fruit, and granola. I usually exercise before breakfast, and I'm starving by the time I get to eat. I am obsessed with Purely Elizabeth granola."
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Photo: Courtesy of Sara Sherlock.
Sara Sherlock, Equity Accounting Analyst, Google
“I start every morning off with either a cold-brewed coffee or Americano, black. It’s the very first thing I grab in the morning, and it’s become like an accessory I wear around the office! Also, if there’s time, I really enjoy fresh fruit and yogurt — they’re great for getting me pumped for the day.”
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Photo: Via @camillebecerra.
Camille Becerra, Chef, Café Henrie
“Generally, I wake up and start the day by meditating to clear my mind and then make a French press. Except lately, I’ve been making a concoction with turmeric. I take powdered turmeric and turn it into a paste with black pepper. Then I add a touch of cinnamon, coconut oil, paprika, ginger, and honey and then warm up a nut milk or coconut milk and mix in a teaspoon of the paste. It’s super warming, clarifying, and revitalizing — a great substitute for coffee.”
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