Stylist Jessica de Ruiter Opens the Doors To Her L.A. Abode and Dishes About Her Personal Style

Fashion stylist Jessica de Ruiter believes in a Less is More philosophy when it comes to her wardrobe—buy fewer quality pieces and wear them until they are totally worn out...then wear them some more. Not that we could ever tire of the white denim Levi's cutoffs and high-waisted pants that make up her current rotation. As a former Vogue and W Magazine staffer, Jessica has rubbed elbows with fashion's most favored designers, but it's her commitment to interior design that also drives her style. The way one lives is just as much a part of his/her style as the way one dresses. With fewer pieces in her closet, Jessica's style revolves around instinct as opposed to excess, an idea that also extends to her relaxed-refined L.A. abode. Is it any wonder that love is on the top of her list for this season's must haves?
Tell us about what you're doing these days...
"I work as a fashion stylist based in Los Angeles. Prior to working on my own, I worked in the Los Angeles offices of Vogue and the New York offices of Teen Vogue. I am originally from Toronto. I enjoy fashion but I also have a strong love for interior design, art, cooking, animals, and yoga!"
What are the five things that make up your "look"?
"I like to think of my style as a juxtaposition of instinctual elegance and ease. And I love to work the same look over and over again. Five pieces that define my style include:
1. Men's-style button-down shirts
2. Sharp pencil skirts
3. Plain T-shirts in white, black, navy, khaki and gray
4. Structured jackets
5. High-waisted pants and shorts
One thing you wouldn't be caught dead wearing is:
"Embellished denim."
Who's your style soulmate?
"My fiancé, Jed Lind."
Anyone you'd love to swap closets with living or dead?
"Glen Close's character, Alex Forrest, in Fatal Attraction. I mean her wardrobe and apartment décor in that film are perfection!
Tell us what's on your shopping list this season.
"Fashion should be something that feels relevant and timeless all at once, and that is what I look for when shopping for each season. My wish-list right now includes:
Isabel Marant black linen mini skirt
Lena Wald yellow gold spike ring
Levis cutoff shorts in white denim
Tom Binns pearl necklace
Stella McCartney animal-friendly shoes (and undies)
Anything in a nude and blush tones
Where do you love to shop? Any secrets?
"Barneys...just kidding...if I told you it wouldn't be a secret anymore..."
If your style had a theme song what would it be?
"I don't know what theme song best describes my personal style, but one of my favorite style quotes is from Diana Vreeland, 'Real elegance is in the mind; if you've got that, the rest comes from it.' brilliant!!"
Last time you were really, really inspired was...
"Watching Antonioni's Zabriskie Point."
Your best cheap find of late is...
Photography by Kava Gorna,

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