30 Accessories You Need To Survive Winter In Style

Years of surviving snowy season after snowy season should make us experts in nailing the whole getting-dressed-for-the-cold thing. But each year, the rude arrival of winter manages to show that our wardrobes have only lived, not learned. When your wind-shielding ensemble begins to look and feel like the same three-piece uniform — coat, pants, boots, repeat — it's a sign that it's time to get creative. And if there's one thing you'll actually thank the cold for, it's layering. The necessity of packing on accessories is your ticket to some much-needed sartorial flavor.

You probably have a stock of thick, trusty snow gloves and earmuffs in your closet, but those cut it stylistically about as long as it takes to shovel the driveway. Instead, go for little touches of chic, like embellished beanies and colorful, knit scarves for a quick, easy fix towards surviving the winter in style. Ahead are 30 hats and scarves and gloves (oh my!) to get you through yet another round of teeth-chattering cold — while still looking glam.

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