The Poster Child Is All Grown Up With These 12 Prints

With our college days behind us, we've ditched the bed stilts and mini-fridge for a cozy queen and legit kitchen. But the one thing that hasn't changed since then? Being on a budget. We're not necessarily eating Top Ramen anymore, but we're always looking for ways to decorate our homes in a wallet-friendly manner. Tired of hitting a (blank) wall, we decided to get inspired by our dorm-room decor tactics and shop for adult-friendly posters.
Yes, you read that correctly! Posters are a simple way to totally transform a bedroom, living room, or even bathroom without spending a fortune. Most are less than lunch, and all you have to do is shell out for a frame. Constantly surrounded by the film industry, it was impossible not to channel a little bit of old-school Hollywood in the search. And rather than invest in a work of art, why not settle for a souvenir from the exhibit? With a mat border and luxe frame, it's almost as though you own the real deal!
Next time you're itching to step up your decor game, save your pennies and purchase a poster. Your former R.A. would be so proud!
1 of 12 Varga Girl, April 1942, $19.99-$249.99, available at
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Urban Outfitters Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Book Cover Poster, $34, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Gagosian Damien Hirst Beautiful Inside My Head Forever Poster, $300, available at Gagosian.
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Ruben Ireland Mrs Mia Wallace Art Print, $18, available at Society6.
5 of 12 Clinique Cheron, Veterinary Medicine And Hotel, $19.99-$124.99, available at
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Gagosian Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat Collaborations Poster, $40, available at Gagosian.
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Gagosian Richard Avedon Dovima With Elephants Poster, $150, available at Gagosian.
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The White Deer Hair III Art Print, $20.80, available at Society6.
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MoMA Store Lichtenstein: Girl with a Beach Ball, $175, available at MoMa Store.
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Gagosian Ellen Gallagher deLuxe Poster, $20, available at Gagosian.
11 of 12 Harper's Bazaar, September 1930, $19.99-$149.99, available at
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R29 Shops Samantha Hahn Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses Print, $40, available at R29 Shops.