Fowl Play: These 17 Eccentric Owl Designs Soar With High Style!

Did you know that owls can rotate their necks 270 degrees each way? Since we're guessing you're not natural-born ornithologists or camping out overnight at the L.A. Zoo, we've honed our hawk-like eyes to find motifs featuring our feathered friends that will have onlookers craning their necks for an extra peek!
We've actually been doing double-takes all over Lala lately ourselves. After popping into a fall preview with Stacey Clark of Odilon and spotting her knitted nod to Twin Peaks (pictured), and then going gaga over this stunner on one of the most stylish pubs in town, we realized the trend has really matured from its kitschy days of yore. So, take flight through our high-style slideshow, and sink your talons into the posh prey! (Oh, and if you're still looking for a heartwarming, easy beach read, we highly recommend Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl!).
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Garland Owl Pendant, $1,470, available at Garland.
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Burberry Prorsum Owl Intarsia Knit Sweater, $1,027, available at Matches.
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Anthropologie Scripter Owl Journal, $28, available at Anthropologie.
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Miss Selfridge Owl Printed T-Shirt Dress, $74, available at Miss Selfridge.
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Graham and Green The Fraser Owl Lamp Base, $248, available at Graham and Green.
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Saloni Brass Owl Cuff, $225, available at Stylebop.
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Coral & Tusk Owl Portrait Pillow, $75, available at Coral & Tusk.
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Knitted Dove Barn This Way Cardigan, $89.99, available at ModCloth.
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Dominique Lucas Owl Ring, $631, available at Luisa Viaroma.
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Ashley Jacobsen Owl Print, $45, available at Shana Logic.
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Me and Oli Mr. Owl Wander Dress, $175, available at Me and Oli.
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Forget Me Not Magic Owl Twill Scarf, $267, available at Forget Me Not.
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Jonathan Adler Owl Bookend Set, $195, available at Jonathan Adler.
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Susie Ghahremani Owls Greeting Card Set, $12, available at Shana Logic.
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Mod Cloth Owl Ready To Go Mug in Yellow, $14.99, available at ModCloth.
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Fable and Fury Owl Silhouette Necklace, $26, available at Shana Logic.
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Odilon Owl Sweater, price available upon request, available at Odilon by Stacey Clark.