9 Brands That Make Eco-Fashion Chic

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Reformation.
We often hear vague imperatives to "go green" with our fashion. But, it can be tough to know exactly where to start. And then, there's the not-small concern that eco-fashion...well, might have the "eco" side of the equation down, but leaves us hanging on the "fashion" part. Luckily, for anyone who wants to learn how to shop more responsibly — and stylishly, too — Teen Vogue has an amazing guide to 9 brands that make eco-fashion chic.
And, this guide goes way beyond brands that use organic fabrics and sustainable dyes. Included here are fair-wage marketplaces where you can shop the handiwork of artisans in Mali, Peru, and Niger, and cute flats whose proceeds help protect gorillas' habitats. And, our favorite, the up-and-coming brand Reformation, that turns vintage fabric into the best dresses, ever.
Head to Teen Vogue for the full list of brands making green look good.