Style Syllabus: Lounge Love For The Trip Home

There's nothing worse than squirming around in skinny jeans on a long road trip or plane ride. Then again, nobody likes being seen in public in the same clothes you wore when you had mono in high school. Don't worry, there is a happy medium! That's right: cozy loungewear you can wear anywhere, without looking like a slob for your glorious return home. So curl up and put on your shopping cap, 'cause things are about to get comfortable.
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Miss Selfridge Zig-Zag Print Jumpsuit, $71.06, available at Miss Selfridge.
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Need Supply Weekender Cardigan, $39.99, available at Need Supply.
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J.Crew Saturday Pant, $59.50, available at J.Crew.
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Gap Pure Body Cuff Pants, $39.95, available at Gap.
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Mod Cloth European Leisure Tunic, $47.99, available at Mod Cloth.
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Oak Olive Asymmetric Drop Shoulder Dress, $98, available at OAK.
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Plum for Polly Weekend Maxi Skirt, $25, available at Plum for Polly.
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Pixie Market Riley Cardigan, $102, available at Pixie Market.