Style Syllabus: Reboot Your Bean Boots

If your school happens to be located in a town where two inches qualifies as a snow emergency, disregard this message. But if you're living and learning under upwards of three feet from September through March, you probably already understand that college students are suffering from a terrible epidemic known as Bean Boots Overload Syndrome.
These iconic winter boots are stylish and functional, but the look gets old and staid when you can't glance around the dining hall without spotting at least 20 pairs. Don't freak out — we know parting with your Beans is too painful to ever think about, so we've come up with a few snore-free styling tips to help you (and those boots) keep trudging dry-footed through the snow.
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Hefty boots with a maxi skirt make for a kind of badass elegance.

Amerian Apparel Interlock Long Skirt, $42, available at American Apparel.
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Gather knee-high socks around your ankles, and pair them with your skinny jeans for a triple threat of texture, color and warmth.

Free People Rib Slouch Tall Sock, $28, available at Free People.
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Rugged Beanies are a pleasant surprise topping off a minimalist tailored ensemble, including fancy (but comfy!) pants.

Topshop Contrast Waistband Trouser, $76, available at Topshop.
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Not to reinvent the wheel, but If you're due for a new pair, why not switch it up? Try bright colors or a less common style – we dig this pull-on version!

L.L. Bean Shearling Pull-On Boots, $149, available at L.L. Bean; L.L. Bean Rubber Mocs in Blue, $69, available at L.L. Bean.