Style Syllabus: Beat The Lazies With A Crisp, Clean Desk

We're guessing hitting the ground running is your number-one school-related resolution, and there's no time like the present to start assembling your anti-procrastination defenses. And unless you've had the sleep center of your brain removed, you already know it's that much more tempting to get into bed and Netflix the day away when your desk is buried under a pile of papers.
Investing in some desktop fun is a great way to feed that online shopping need while dropping cash on something a little more productive than a seventh pair of unseasonable heels. An organized desk means an organized mind, and a well-decorated desk is a lot more inviting than a mountain of mess. These gorgeous accessories will have you begging for problem sets and papers to come your way! Tell your GPA it can thank us later.
Photo: Via West Elm
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Anthropologie Beyond Gouda Pencil Cup, $16, available at Anthropologie.
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Muji Beech Alarm Clock, $34.95, available at Muji.
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Urban Outfitters York Trash Bucket, $24, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Beef and Lamb Camel Leather Document Portfolio, $60, available at Beef and Lamb.
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West Elm Lacquer Trinket Tray, $9, availbale at West Elm.
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Modcloth Airplane Paper Clips, $7.99, available at Modcloth.