Study Abroad 101: Make Your Chez Abroad Seem More Like Home

Thought decorating your dorm room was difficult? Well, now you're faced with the challenge of empty wall space in a completely different country. What's a world-traveling student to do?
Firstly, don't get discouraged: Decorating while abroad has all the typical hurdles of a typical dorm room, namely a tight budget and strict housing regulations, plus the additional factor of limited suitcase space.
We’ve taken care of the hard part and culled together a list of furnishings that will pack easily, ship internationally, and peel off the wall without leaving a mark. Whether you’re living in a dorm, apartment, or with a host family this semester, we've rounded up some international adornments that will make your pad abroad seem less, well, foreign.
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The time-tested way to store and display scarves, belts, keys, and necklaces while at school.

Command Small Wire Hooks Value Pack, $7.50, available at Amazon.
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These hexagonal mirrors can be arranged in any pattern you can imagine. Scatter them all over your room or cluster them together for an intriguing wall adornment.

Ikea Honefoss Mirror, $14.99, available at Ikea.
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We love the idea behind this calendar. Print it off once you get settled, attach the individual months to a cord with clothespins, et voilà, you’ve got the most whimsical organizer on earth.

ThumbAlina Lane 2013 Printable Calendar, $9, available at Etsy.
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Be sure to add your own name to the list of travelers you’ve met and liked.

Archie Grand Travelers I Met and Liked Notebook, $13.26, available at Archie Grand.
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If bed linens are not included where you’re staying, have this cozy set shipped and waiting for you when you reach your new pad.

Lightning Branch Comforter Set, $59.99, available at Overstock.
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You’re obviously going to miss your friends and fam while abroad. Keep them all together with this Polaroid-inspired frame.

Dormify Snap Frame Desk Multi, $15, available at Dormify.
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Even if you aren’t studying in a Francophone country, how could you not fall in love with this whimsical set of towels?

H&M 2-pack Guest Towels, $11.24, available at H&M .
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Get set for stylish organization with these crocheted bins that will ship internationally on the cheap.

Dreaming Lucy Crocheted Set of Storage Baskets, $25, available at Etsy.
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Write shopping lists, upcoming test reminders, or messages to your roommates on this travel-friendly chalkboard.

Urban Outfitters Chalkboard Wall Decal, $24, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Because you’ll never be able to hang with the locals unless you can first say "hi."

Pottery Barn Teen Hello Pillow, $29, available at Pottery Barn.