Street Peeper's Phil Oh May Have a Flat Chest, But He's Going to Save Fashion With Tacos and Street Style

We're a sucker for street-style sites, and Phil Oh's Street Peeper is one of the first we check. Taking the photog helm over at Tory Burch last night, Phil regaled us corny tales (heh!) of name-calling, Korean pop-stars, and shoppers willing to drop a few Benjies.
Tonight, I was called into active duty in the war against sagging retail sales. My task was to take street-style photos at Tory Burch's Fashion's Night Out party in the meatpacking district. This was the battleground, and where I would be stationed for the next five hours. Anything less would have been wholly un-American.phil-oh-tory-burch-fno-part-photos-slide-2-new
Ahh, first photos of the night. Oh shit, I got the Vince store sign in the background. I better switch angles next time.
Here is the La Esquina station, parked right in front of the store. I heard a guy offer the corn-griller a paltry twenty bucks for the apron, but he wasn't born yesterday, you know? So next time you're at La Esquina, and you see a line cook chopping and grilling with a Tory camo apron, please thank him for a wonderful Fashion's Night Out.
Susie Bubble and the rarely-photographed Tommy Ton of Jak+Jil fame, patiently waiting for a chicken taco. He's got a pair of the Christian Louboutin rollerball shoes in his bag -- maybe also some Tory gladiator sandals.
Russell Simmons along with Lyor Cohen, chairman of Warner Music and main-squeeze of Tory Burch.
"Yummy!" says the model as she licks her lips.
Pete Miszuk of StyleSightings
I got off the L train on the way to Tory, and had my hair down. I heard these guys snickering and I'm almost certain I heard the word "flat-chested". Were they talking about me?? Anyway, here I am taking a little break from the camera. I wasn't certain if it would be considered an affront to wipe mayonnaise onto the Tory Burch logo, so I just used my sleeve…The sleeve of the Tim Hamilton jacket which I paid full price for, only to see it on Gilt Groupe a few months later. Damn. Once, at a party, Kanye West came up to me and complimented me on the jacket, to which I could only mutter, "full price... full price..."
Here's Tory, with her creative advisor Gordon Hull (of Surface to Air).
OMG! It's the Wondergirls! All decked out in Tory Burch, or course. They're HUGE in Korea and did a lot to explain why there were a dozen Asian photographers camped out on the street. OK, so there have been two times in my life when I've been utterly ashamed to be Korean and not speak the language. The first was sitting in a restaurant in Seoul, and having my white friend order all the food for me while the waitress looked my way with scorn, just before clipping her toenails into my bibimbop...The second was here at this moment, with all the photographers shouting in Korean...All I could do was scream "rook here prease!"...Obviously it didn't work, as none of their eyeballs are pointed anywhere near my general direction... But the girl with the Scooby-Doo Velma haircut is totally my favorite.
OK, so homegirl who works for Prada just got engaged that night, but is in line for free tacos at the Tory Burch party. Is La Esquina really that tasty, or did the fiance blow all his money on those FAT-ASS RINGS???
It's amazing how chili-dusted grilled corn can bring together the fashion tribes of Comme des Garcons and Tory Burch. It's a beautiful thing.
Uhh, so so we ran out of corn, but check inside for a wide variety of ballerina flats in all sizes and colors!
I just bought my lady a Tory Flapper Satchel and a 3/4 sleeve Crepe de Chine paillette Liv jacket. I'm sooo getting laid tonight.
People dancing, people shopping, people having fun, and if I had a telephoto lens, you could also see Tory associates in the back ringing up sales. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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