15 Fashion Trends The Runways Are Stealing

Yes, we watch the shows at Fashion Week and scope out the latest trends. And yes, we follow popular style bloggers and even pick up a print fashion mag from time to time. But if we're talking real style, we look to the streets. Because it's not the mainstream that gets us excited — it's the unexpected. The people pioneering the next big It item aren't the glossy mags or big bucks bloggers, they're the cool, don't-give-a-fuck Instagram kids — the ones you pass on the street and do a double take, maybe thinking, What the hell are they wearing?, while loving their look.

So in line with F*ck The Fashion Rules, we're bringing you the trends that started from the ground up. From oversize polos that are just the right amount of weird to comeback jewelry like toe rings and mood rings, these aren't pieces you're seeing on the runways. They're the quirky, perfectly strange items that, when styled the right way, can say a whole lot more than anything you'll score at a typical fast fashion (or even high-end) retailer. Click on to see what the cool kids are wearing and let us know in the comments what else you've been seeing in your feeds — and on the streets.

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Polos are making a comeback, but they're a lot different from the Abercrombie ones you wore in the early aughts. Instead of fitted, rainbow-bright polos (with popped collars!), we're seeing oversize, menswear-inspired variations — we like to call this the "dad polo." They're very #TBT, but ahead of the trends at the same time. Try wearing one with an equally oversized pair of trousers or vintage jeans, flat "ugly" sandals, and even a bucket hat.
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Remember the sunglasses Mary-Kate and Ashley wore in all of their movies? Well, typical tortoise, plastic, and acetate sunglasses are making way for quirkier wire-frame shades that are unexpectedly chic. Seal the deal with a unique lens color, like light pink or dark blue.
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Consider the square toe the pointy toe's weird cousin. They're an ugly-cute shape that gives you major street cred if you can actually pull them off. You can wear them to offset a frilly floral dress or with your favorite pair of Levi's.
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The baguette silhouette is sort of like the long lost friend of the handbag world. What used to be a classic, staple shape hasn't really been in style in the past couple of years. But now, likely due in part to the return of '90s style, the baguette is making a comeback and we're totally getting on board. It's a unique update on a typical crossbody, and it makes for a very street-style-ready statement.
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Yes, hoodies can be a fashion item. Taking cues from the skater community, oversize statement hoodies are becoming a new wardrobe staple — talk about being 24/7 cozy. And when it comes to styling them, it's all about experimenting with unexpected combinations. Try wearing it over a midi-skirt with sneakers or with a pair of super-baggy jeans.
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V Files Sweatshirt.
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It seems like everyone we pass on the streets is wearing a thick, gold chain. Often featuring a hanging pendant of some sort, these are the perfect way to give a graphic tee or hoodie a bit more edge. Wear it every day and layer it as you please.
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What was once used for covering up cleavage or layering under tees and blouses can now stand alone as a trend item. Ideal for the last hot days of summer, the straight-across cami looks best braless, but come fall, putting one over a turtleneck makes for a quirky layering combo.
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Jewelry trends aren't just limited to ring stacks and arm parties — it's time to start experimenting with stacking in unexpected places, starting with the ankle. There's nothing cooler than an anklet popping out from under a pair of cropped, frayed jeans.
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You might want to hang on to all of the free branded hats you've managed to accrue over the years. Instead of making statements on T-shirts and sweatshirts, try sporting a loud promotional cap. Sometimes ironic, sometimes not, these hats look best with greasy hair and a DGAF attitude.
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The shapeless muumuu dress is taking over the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and it's sure to reach the masses sooner rather than later. This is a great item to score at a vintage shop — and the ante is upped as the print gets weirder. We highly recommend wearing one with Birkenstocks or Doc Martens.
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Dainty, barely there jewelry is no longer the name of the game. Instead, amp up your accessories with bold ball earrings. Don't be afraid to mix metals, either. Add them to your current ear party for a mismatched look that's wrong in all the right ways.
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With this trend, we're not talking army-green jackets that call themselves "utilitarian." We mean pieces that look like real workwear — the boxier and more rugged, the better.
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Your inner 10-year-old is about to be SO excited, because mood rings are cool again — only this time, instead of the cheap plastic ones you score at the state fair, mood rings are taking on sophisticated, unique shapes. But don't worry, they're still just as fun to watch change color.
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Pins are blowing up on Instagram and the culture's even getting competitive. New enamel pins that play on current pop-culture references from emoji to Kanye West are being produced in limited quantities — and they're even selling out in minutes. The more coveted pins you sport on your denim jacket, the better. It's all about building a collection that's uniquely yours.
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Along with chokers, anklets, and other jewelry trends from decades past, the toe ring is making a strong return. Just this summer, we've seen countless cool kids sporting these on the subway. Amp up the weirdness by wearing them with "ugly" sandals.
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