12 Trends That Are About To Be All Over The Internet

As much as we look forward to devouring the new runway collections during fashion month, the real thrill comes with the style we spot outside the shows. From the model-off-duty fads to the wild outfit combos editors and other insiders peacock in, these looks feel immediately replicable, unlike those from designer collections that’ll take months to trickle down to us. In fact, these on-the-street moments inform our sartorial choices just as much as the clothing on the catwalk, making both critical in our seasonal trend reports.

In anticipation of another whirlwind fashion cycle, we wanted to get ahead of the street style trends and predict what we think will be everywhere this fashion month. Since our penchant for style stalking is nothing new, we have a pretty good hunch about which pieces equal instant fashion cred. To map ‘em out, we combed the new arrivals at Nordstrom for all the hot-ticket items that are sure to be street-photography gold. From athletic stripes to Gucci footwear, the following 12 trends are our big bets for the season. Scoop ‘em up now so you can say you had them before they blew up on Instagram.
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Athletic Stripes
Expect to see a whole host of sports-inspired gear — like track pants and track jackets — mixed in with elevated pieces.
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Graphic Tees
Thanks to concert merch becoming relevant again, and that whole athleisure thing, graphic tees are having their moment in the sun.
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Gucci Loafers
Need to instantly elevate your look? Double G footwear won't let you down.
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Fun Embellishments
When you're looking to peacock, funky details are key.
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Single Statement Earrings
Because two isn't always better than one.
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Extra-Long Sleeves
It might be warm out, but that won't keep the fashion set from donning Vetements-inspired trends like oversized sleeves.
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Adidias Sneaks
When in doubt, throw on some Superstars.
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Like graphic tees, hoodies are another trend du jour you can expect to see layered on off-duty models.
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Bomber Jackets
Pilot jackets are the outerwear pick of the season. Bonus points if you go the extra mile and get yours personalized.

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Top-Handle Bags
Bucket bags are so last year. Instead, be on the lookout for compact purses with cool handle details.

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Cold-Shoulder Shirts
Meet fall's response to the off-the-shoulder blouse.
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Varsity Accents
Collegiate accents are the perfect complement to trendy athletic wear taking over the season.

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