Would You Wear The Stocking-Jean?


embed sj 2Photo: Courtesy of J Brand.
First, there were legging-boots. Then came turtleneck bras. Now, there's a whole new fashion hybrid on the horizon: Ladies, meet the stocking-jean.

Created by J Brand, the stocking-jean combines the "ultra-softness of hosiery with the texture of true denim character." Made with a nylon-fill denim and hosiery construction, they promise to be super lightweight and to "effortlessly sculpt your legs for a flattering fit." In other words, these babies feel and fit like a stocking but look like a jean.

We admit to some skeptical feelings when we first heard the name — visions of translucent behinds danced in our heads. But, we were comforted to see that these look like a normal, substantial pair of jeans: No see-through funny business, here. Even better, they don't look at all like the legging-jeans that likely sit on every woman's "not if hell freezes over" list. They have a non-elastic waist and actual pockets, not painted-on facsimiles, thankyouverymuch.

You can shop all the stocking-jean styles at J Brand. We haven't tried them yet, but our interest is majorly piqued by any jean that promises us total comfort, sculpting, and the dignity of a real waistband. So, would you wear 'em? Even more importantly, what's the portmanteau? Do we like "steans" or "jockings"?

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