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Stevie Nicks Style Sweeps the Streets

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    Friends say you're acting peculiarly? Perhaps because of your recent penchant for billowy diaphanous sleeves or long floor-sweeping nightgownish dresses? Fear not, because we've spotted more than a few recent Stevie Nicks-inspired looks on several of our fave street style sites.

    The famed Fleetwood Mac singer front-woman, summed up best by a fun Geocities style fan page, "A beautiful blend of vintage, mystical, gypsy, street urchin, and gothic styles, with her own ethereal twist." We adore her love of fabric (be it chiffon or lace, and always A LOT of it), and we're happy to see such a relaxed free-spirited look hit the streets. Oddly enough, we've been hearing that song "Everywhere" everywhere, too, lately, so it makes sense the singer's style has come back into ubiquity. Better still, the band will reunite for their "Unleashed" tour in March (good timing, right?). So, to serve your Nix fix in the meantime, we've provided you with some of our favorite Stevie-approved looks that we've gathered from across the globe.

    Above, from left: Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, San Francisco; Stevie in a signature look.


    Above, from left: Stevie in lots o' lace; Sea of Shoes' Jane Aldridge, Texas.


    Above, from left: A photo by Garance Doré, Paris; Stevie on the cover of Bella Donna.


    Above, from left: Stevie in fringe; a fringed shawl spotted by the Face Hunter, London.


    Above, from left: Voluminous sheers spotted by the Face Hunter in Melbourne; Stevie and her favorite accessory, the tambourine.

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