My City, My Style: Stephanie LaCava's Top NYC Hotspots

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    The mind of New York author Stephanie LaCava can be described much like her blog: a "phantom cabinet of curiosities and ephemera." Indeed, the very sharp thinker (and writer and dresser) has so much inspiration and internal monologue churning at all times that her crowded (but never jumbled) stream of consciousness is best served with footnoted, free-hand sketches, and short narrative arcs. Sound a little like her memoir, An Extraordinary Theory Of Objects? Well, that's because her writing is so translucently honest that it shines as brightly as her "real life" voice, too. Chronicling her (sometimes melancholic) upbringing in Paris, LaCava successfully translates a girl's coming of age story with the skill of a woman's pen.

    Equally transfixing, though, is her bevy of stylish ensembles, which turn heads at the many events and charities LaCava supports. So, we did what seemed natural: We met up with the author-on-the-rise to see her New York. And though her book may tell the story of an "outsider's" journey through a foreign city, it's abundantly clear that she's right at home here in the Big Apple, amongst the bookstores, cafes, and shops she loves — and which love her back. (How many novelists can claim capsule collaborations with Marc Jacobs?) Plus, we dove straight into LaCava's "phantom cabinet" to find out more about her inspiration, favorite tomes, and how she looks so effortless, always. Yes, this is certainly one style theory worth studying.

    Click through for Stephanie LaCava's stylish looks and favorite NYC spots, and make sure to check out her book reading and signing with Marc Jacobs at Bookmarc, tomorrow, 6 to 8 p.m.

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