6 Insane Print-Mixing Outfits That Don't Look Crazy

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    Stella Jean's designs have never been for the faint of heart. But, then again, neither are bold, mixed prints. Indeed, Stella Jean's name is synonymous with pattern and whimsy, and the fall '14 runway was no different. This time, though, the 29-look collection was almost like a schoolyard dare, showing off expertly layered prints-on-prints and textures-on-textures. And, trust us, when it comes to mixing and matching, anything you can do, Stella Jean can do better.

    Still, you can take a page from her book and copy the layering tricks. Try wearing your graphics on your shoes and coats. Try pairing a printed T-shirt over a long gown and cinch it in at the waist. Try contrasting patterns in opposite hues. Orange and maroon? Yep, In Stella's world, it all works.

    Click through for six ways to amp up the volume on your fall wardrobe.

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