10 Shirts More Interesting Than Your Classic Button-Up

Unlike frayed hems or unconventional necklines, sleeves are rarely considered the focal point of an outfit. Instead, they're typically one of a few things: short, long, three-quarter length, or simply nonexistent.

Lately, though, thanks to designers and retailers we already know and love, sleeves are getting way less boring — and we're not just talking about bell sleeves. These shirts take conventional tailoring to the next level, with amped-up volume, longer lengths, and detailing like ruffles. It may sound like a whole lot to embrace (especially if you're a simple button-up or blouse kind of girl), but this is one of those trends that you can adapt to your own style. The 10 sleeve-focused picks ahead offer tons of different ways to make this look yours. Get ready to check "statement sleeves" off your "styles to try" list.