You've Been Underestimating This Accessory, Big Time

We can understand if socks wind up being an afterthought when you're getting dressed. They’re often out of sight — tucked inside shoes or up pant legs — and when they do appear, they’re typically attempting to be as inconspicuous as possible. But if the past few years of statement hosiery-and-shoe pairings on runways and trend dabblers have not yet nudged your sock drawer out of neutral territory, the slides ahead might just inspire you to explore new forms of knee-down self expression.

Along with Stance’s own breed of uncommon and unapologetically bold designs, we created five on-point outfits that put your feet, and also your ankles, first. Incorporating graphic designs, color, and varying fabrics, these socks make a big — but not distracting — difference in your whole look. Click ahead to officially welcome a not-so-new but certainly upgraded accessory into your fall wardrobe.
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Suit up (but keep it unconventional).
A jacket-and-trouser combination presents infinite styling possibilities. Taking inspiration from some of the best dressed dandies we know, we pulled together our own version of a playful, colorful suit and polished it off with patterned socks that shine a spotlight on your casual-cool footwear.
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Winterize your favorite summer sandals.
Socks provide one of the only ways to keep your sandals in rotation all year long (you know, instead of the frozen toes option). Plus, these add a trippy honeycomb pattern to any going-out ensemble.
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Add an athletic edge with a tube sock.
Tube socks with slip-ons can — but don't need to — read as "dad on vacation." The athletic staple actually has much more potential, as seen in this relaxed-yet-polished getup of a crisp button-up, boyfriend jeans, and sleek slip-on sneakers. The neckerchief acts as yet another small accessory that makes a big impact.
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Redefine collegiate style.
Even if you've already established a meticulous, down-to-a-science daily lewk, this outfit harkens back to a different kind of uniform that's worth a revisit. The silhouette is clean, the colors are deep, and the design accents are clever. The socks, however, remain high on the leg and add quirk to a classic and cool loafer.
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Punch up your go-to white sneakers.
The concept of adding a clashing pop of color to an outfit is not a new one, but it does feel exciting with this blue plaid pair. Muted, solid-colored clothing and classic shoes balance the eye-catching sock detail.