Inside A Stylist's Chic NYC Loft

Meet Stacey Mayesh, the super-talented stylist who has worked with everyone from Cameron Diaz to Jessica Alba. She’s recently turned her focus toward private, non-famous clients — regular people who want to look amazing, but just don’t have the time to source unique pieces (or even think about planning outfits). “It’s so much fun,” Mayesh says. “It’s like playing dress-up every day!”
But, signature style doesn’t happen overnight. “It’s a process. I start by editing a client’s closet. Then I shop all over — uptown, downtown, large stores, small boutiques, and online,” she says. It might take a little while, but Mayesh says the investment is worth it in the end. “I try to make my clients a better version of themselves. Still them, but enhanced, pulled together, more exciting.”
What we at Viyet love is how Mayesh’s eye for fashion translates to decor. Her NYC loft is nothing short of stunning — and she handpicked almost every item herself! “My home is a funky, old converted warehouse loft. So many lofts in Tribeca are completely sleek and perfect-looking. I love how our loft retains many of the old, original elements. It’s very authentic in its imperfections, and they give it so much character. I'm similar in my personal style where I like to be put together, but not too polished!” Mayesh says.
We’re wondering if she’d ever consider using her styling skills for interiors — if so, we’d be first in line. Take a look through the slideshow to see her incredible space, plus her picks for a fashionable interior.
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Photo: Courtesy of Topher Scott Photography.
Mayesh’s fashion sense and interior sense both have a distinctive vibe. “My home has a boho ethnic vibe mixed with clean modern lines. I like that juxtaposition. I have an antique Moroccan Beni Ourain tribal rug (bartered with a client who lives in Marrakech!) with a sleek round white lacquer coffee table. It’s a high / low casual mix- I don’t like to live with anything too precious! It’s a creative family home. My kids are constantly using the furniture as their jungle gym.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Topher Scott Photography.
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Get The Look: Create a high-low mix like Stacey’s with a statement coffee table to anchor the space, then fill the room with meaningful personal items to make it your own.

Rolf Benz Atelier Side Table & Coffee Table Set, $2,775, available at Viyet.
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Photo: Courtesy of Topher Scott Photography.
One of Mayesh’s favorite pieces is the “Pacha” dream catcher by Electric Love — she tells us that Rihanna is the only person who has one like hers (and Rihanna’s is red)! Though the kitchen and dining area exist in the same open space — it is a loft, you know — they almost feel like two separate rooms. Invest in a signature table like hers from B&B Italia and Bellini Chairs from Design Within Reach.
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Get the look with one of our favorite combos!

Holly Hunt Dining Table, $6,995, available at Viyet. Lapis Side Chair, $270, available at Viyet.
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Photo: Courtesy of Topher Scott Photography.
Her favorite space in her home? Surprisingly, it’s the kids’ rooms. “They are both so much fun and really reflect each of their personalities. My son’s room has a chill, surf vibe and two big walls of chalkboard paint, so he’s constantly changing it up.” Note the smart use of usually dead space behind the door with simple shelves to hold books and collectibles.
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Photo: Courtesy of Topher Scott Photography.
Her daughter’s room, however, is very different from her son’s. “My daughter’s room is pink and fun and kooky and filled with a million little knick knacks.” Everything is perfectly displayed on this modern yet affordable desk from Ikea.
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Photo: Courtesy of Topher Scott Photography.
The pristine bedroom is an oasis of calm from the day-to-day NYC styling world. Though sleek, it also feels homey, thanks to the eclectic bedspread. “I love natural fibered, imperfect one-of-a-kind pieces, and have an addiction to anything with poms-poms or fringe. There’s a sense of the human hand that I find very calming,” Mayesh says.
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Photo: Courtesy of Topher Scott Photography.
Though the overall style of her home is approachable and reflects her creativity, there is one rule: A place for everything and everything in its place. “Clutter gives me anxiety!” she says. “I’m emotionally connected to my home and my visual surroundings greatly affect my mood. I fill my home with things that make me feel good and make me feel grounded.”
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Mayesh shopped Viyet and shared her personal favorites...
“I’m really attracted to these. They seem like they’ve lived many lives.”
David Kleinberg Director’s Chairs, $2,800, available at Viyet.

"This is so cool, I love it! So unique…”
Designlush UFO Fiberglass And Smoked Glass Coffee Table, $4,250, available at Viyet.

“These are super interesting. I’ve never seen anything like them.”
Designlush Wood Pillows By William Earle, $2,274, available at Viyet.