Spring Style Advice To Give Your Guy

Seth Putnam and Jeff Kieslich, Chicago style bloggers also known as The Midwestyle, have one piece of advice for guys that is a must-follow: Never buy something if it doesn't fit. They, like, want men to tattoo that somewhere. But while they're at it, they're sharing a few other dressing dos and don'ts as well, specifically regarding spring style.
And they've got good news, too. Looking better doesn't have to take 10 years and thousands of dollars. These two dapper dudes put together eight easy (and frugal) spring fashion upgrades that cover everything from trousers and accessories to shoes—you get it. Consider this a friendly style intervention worthy of any guy in your life, so feel free to click through, and pass it on. And on.
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Jeffrey Kieslich, style blogger at The Midwestyle .

Photo: Courtesy of The Midwestyle
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Don't wear boat shoes. Do buck up.

Instead of dusting off your booze-soaked boat shoes from the undergrad years of going out, grab a pair of shoes with some personality. Sure, your boat shoes were fine at one point considering all the times you were actually on a boat....not. Do this instead: Lace up, and look sharp. Kiss your old, beat-up friends goodbye.

Bonobos Jasper shoe, $363, available at Bonobos.
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Don't fear colorful denim.

You've got your blue jeans, your light khakis and maybe a pair of grey khakis. Let's talk about red, shall we? It's your next step into wearing colorful denim. Your wardrobe is practically neutral anyway, so just pair whatever you were going to wear with jeans with your red pants. Bingo.

Bonobos Pink Lightweight Straight Leg Travel Denim, $98, available at Bonobos.
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Get a haircut man.

We know you spent all winter growing your beard, mustache or whatever else you could muster up without shaving. Clean it up a bit this spring. Go to your local barber shop or hairstylist this week and have them "do something." Anything. Let them know you plan on growing it out so they can cut it in a way that it will actually look good growing out. That's a novel idea, eh?

Wallace & Barnes Fircrest Cardigan, $168, available at J. Crew.
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Don't raid your dad's floral shirt collection. Buy your own.

Don't let your Dad have all the fun in his baggy, Sunday funday floral button down. You can rock the floral but you'll do it better. Get the trim fit and pair with a nice rolled khaki. If you don't mind all the Mraz jokes you'll have thrown your way at Big Star, top it off with a fedora.

Mark McNairy Reverse Floral Print Shirt, $178, available at Park & Bond.
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Seth Putnam, style blogger at The Midwestyle.

Photo: Courtesy of The Midwestyle
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Ditch the backpack, try a tote.

Instead of the backpack, consider the tote as a less run-of-the-mill option. Easy, buddy. It's a bag with handles. That's it. It carries things. Just like other bags. (And it may even get you a discount at the grocery store.)

Filson Red Labeled Zippered Tote Bag, $135, available at Urban Outfitters.
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It's a special occasion. Dress like it.

A word about Mother's Day (which is on May 13, for all you ruffians): There are a few things you can do to show your admiration. A card and flowers are nice. Jewelry is better. But in a pinch, a little bit of old-fashioned respect is better than nothing at all. Lose the T-shirt and throw on a button-down (dare we suggest a tie?) to give your mama the respect she deserves.

Land's End Supima Oxford Shirt, $50, available at Land's End.
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No more solo polo.

Unless you're on the golf course, let's think about eliminating that uncovered polo from your spring uniform. A blazer unlocks all doors. You don't need an excuse to wear one, and it goes with everything. Dress it up as needed, or fly under the radar with jeans and a tieless button-down. Try a lighter color and a lighter weight  for warm weather.

J. Crew Corded Cotton Sportcoat in Ludlow Fit, $188, available at J. Crew.
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Swap out your accessories for spring.

Remember that spring jacket from earlier? Don't leave its breast pocket empty. Jam this square in there and modestly accept the compliments that will follow—it's one of the easiest accents of all.

Artfully Disheveled The Outlaw in Lavender, $20, available at Artfully Disheveled.