3 Perfect Salads For A Healthy Spring

Thanks to the recent warmth and sunshine, we've got a glorious case of spring fever. It's all short sleeves and evening walks — and fresh, tender greens perfect for a salad party. We're not talking your basic chopped-and-dressed lunchtime standard — it's time for a high-octane medley. Plus, these recipes are (obviously) packed with seasonal goodies that are great for you. Dig in!
02_Janelle-jones-refinery29-130416-0044-hiresFennel & Blood Orange Salad
At first glance, you might wonder at the wild blend of ingredients, but once you taste the way these elements enhance each other, you'll be hooked. This fresh, crisp, bright-flavored salad brings some of the season's best goodies together and is so flavorful, it doesn't even need a separate dressing.
Serves 2
1 large fennel bulb
2 blood oranges
1 bunch fresh mint
2/3 cup black olives
2/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil
Sea salt
Fresh black pepper
Food styled by Rhoda Boone
Trim fennel and slice lengthwise into thin strips.
Peel oranges carefully (or just cut skin off with a small knife), reserving one half. Cut the rest into thin round slices.
Pit olives, and pull or chop into halves.
Remove mint leaves and roughly chop.
To assemble salad, lay fennel onto plates and top with orange slices. Dot with olives, and sprinkle lightly with mint. Squeeze remaining orange half over the top and drizzle with olive oil. Add salt & pepper to taste and serve.
Food styled by Rhoda Boone
Farro & Spring Vegetable Salad
Greens are great, but sometimes we're hungry. This salad makes a hearty meal, stuffed with the super-grain farro, seasonal veggies, and topped with a crumble of feta. We've never been this satisfied by a salad before.
Serves 4-6
1 12 oz. bag farro
1 bunch fresh asparagus
2 cups peas (fresh or frozen)
2 cups grape tomatoes
1 small bunch fresh dill
2/3 cup good quality feta
1 fresh lemon
2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt
Fresh ground pepper
Food styled by Rhoda Boone
In a small bowl, whisk together lemon, olive oil, salt & pepper. Set dressing aside.
Prepare farro per instructions on bag, removing about 2 minutes before recommended time — or when the farro is al dente.
Drain farro and place in a large bowl. Pour dressing on immediately (the heat allows it to be fully absorbed into the grain), and toss.
Prepare the remaining vegetables: Steam or blanche the asparagus and cut off tips on the diagonal. Thaw peas if frozen, or drain if canned. Cut tomatoes in half. Remove dill from the stalk and roughly chop. Add all these to the farro.
Crumble feta into the salad and gently toss to incorporate evenly.
Garnish with a sprig of dill and serve. This is a fantastic salad at any temperature, so feel free to make ahead.
Food styled by Rhoda Boone
Mustard Green Salad With Soft Boiled Egg
If you haven't tried mustard greens yet, then get thee to a farmers' market. These hearty leaves of one of our favorite spring greens go great with a soft boiled egg and lemony, shallot-garlic vinaigrette. This salad has become our go-to dinner when we're looking for something easy, filling, and super-fresh.
Serves 4-6
1 large bunch mustard greens
1 egg, per serving
1 bunch fresh radishes
1 shallot
4 large cloves garlic
1 fresh lemon
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
2 heaping tbsp grainy mustard
2/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil
Sea salt
Fresh pepper
1/2 baguette or other crusty bread
1 tbsp olive oil
Food styled by Rhoda Boone
Crush and roughly chop garlic. Whisk together with red wine vinegar, lemon, mustard, and olive oil. Finely chop shallot, mix into the dressing, and set aside.
For croutons, cut thick slices of bread, then quarter them. These will shrink slightly when baked, but you still want large, rustic croutons. Toss with olive oil and bake at 425 for 2-4 minutes, until they're just beginning to brown. Remove from the pan immediately to cool.
Wash and dry mustard greens, then tear into large pieces. Cut radishes into thin rounds, and toss with mustard greens and croutons. Dress the salad and portion out into serving bowls.
Soft boil eggs for five minutes, then carefully peel. Break one egg on top of each salad bowl, and serve immediately.
Food styled by Rhoda Boone

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