5 Outfits To Try This Week: Denim, Dirndls, And More

What happened to resting on the weekends anymore? Our Monday morning felt particularly sluggish, and all we wanted to do was to crawl to work wearing our sweats and oversized sweaters...and we did. But, with a few smart styling tricks, our comfy Monday look made it past our coworkers' discerning eyes — and inspired our following week's worth of outfits. Check out the slouchy, cozy, snuggly looks that will make you look way more polished than you feel.
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Oversized chambray pieces get a dash of luxe with tall heels, a daytime clutch, and a sleek hairstyle.

Photo: Via Style Nanda
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Illuminate a threadbare sweater with a neon-bright button-up.

Photo: Via Theory
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Got a party dress that deserves to be seen before the sun goes down? Throw on a sweatshirt and let the dress really shine.

Photo: Via Karen Walker
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A maxi dress is possibly the coziest item on the planet. Cinch a belt on top of a knit shirt to keep the silhouette lean.

Photo: Via Reiss
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Bring back those long-sleeve raglan shirts by dressing 'em up with a dirndl-inspired skirt.

Photo: Dean Neville/BFAnyc.com