15 Chic Spring Jackets — Because It's Finally Warm Again

Pro tip: Do not get dressed based on what the weather looks like outside your bedroom window. At least, not right now. The clear skies and shining sun are particularly deceiving — and dressing for their lies will only leave you disappointed and very cold. With all these erratic temperature dips, it’s time to rethink your outerwear situation, because you’ll definitely need an extra layer until the weather decides to play nice.

Since parkas and puffers are depressing, why not explore the plethora of lightweight jacket options, instead? This season’s offerings include a variety of chic styles — kimono wraps, femme bombers, printed blazers, and more — that will keep you just warm enough during these in-between times. Click through for 15 spring jackets you’ll love. These picks are guaranteed to have more chill than the weather right now.

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