How To Fake Spring In Your Apartment Right Now

We think T.S. Eliot might have got it wrong. February is the cruelest month. We're stuck inside, and there's no end to the brown, sleety-snowy mix in sight. We make excuses to not go out and be normal social people. Instead, we swipe and click and watch from our sofas, like little winter zombies. The situation is bleak, and perhaps you'll agree — we need some interior eye candy, pronto.

So, we're faking spring. Yes, we're cheating and bringing it in early — in the form of earthy vases, pink washcloths, robin's-egg-blue pendant lamps, and striped pillowcases. I mean, the new spring things are available, so why not start early? Ahead, all the happiest, softest, most colorful home buys that will cheer you up, guaranteed. There's even a squeaky bunny toy for your slightly depressed BFF. 
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We're in love with all the cork creations by Bay Area-based artist Melanie Abrantes, but this planter is a centerpiece favorite.
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These new candles by Pelle look amazing when they melt. The pink are spring perfection.
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Store all those healthy granolas and quinoas in these.
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It'll be like you're living in a French chalet in April.
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A pendant light that's farmhouse-worthy.
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Darkness outside and vivacious lime inside. This demands to be on a table alone.
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A blue that will energize you daily. Also, notice the texture.
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Earthy and cool, this baby calls for a solitary bud.
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These galaxy sheets from the new Kate Spade Saturday collection at West Elm are delicate, bright, and perfect.
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Just because it's fierce outside doesn't mean you can't hang pieces inside, in your kitchen window.
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Crisp, gridded napkins are so fresh.
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This new tray from the Cooper-Hewitt and notNeutral collab says wake up — NOW.
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Orange is life-giving.
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Fido will love this new, squeaky companion.
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Just wrap everything up in French twine. Or, just set it on your desk.
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A stark piece that'll go great against a colored backdrop.
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Eating at the table was never so graphic and colorful.
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After seeing TV host Stacy London's salt cellars, we can think of no better table centerpiece.
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When it's time to finally face leaving the house, you'll feel better while taking a shower with this curtain.
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This golden orb gives us hope the sun will shine again.
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Get this soothing, powder-blue pillow for your bed.
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Your home office could use a little punch of color.
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It's like a surrealist garden is making your coffee.
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All the right colors in this dreamcatcher.
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A plate with Patti Smith and flowers? Fine dining.
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A tisket a tasket, put all your apples in this basket.
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A classic, crisp coverup to get you into the kitchen.
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We defy you to not feel happy after seeing these lovelies in your linen cabinet.
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Rainbows may not be around for some time, but this pouf will do just fine.
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What time is it? Springtime. (Couldn't resist.)