How To Make This Spring The Healthiest, Fittest EVER

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and that means one thing: R29 editors are emerging from our months of hibernation. Now that the weather is warm (ish), it's time to give our workout and diet routines a shakeup. No more excuses — we're taking our exercises out of the gym and into the streets (or, uh, we're going to start exercising in general) and taking advantage of the fresh food that's now in season.
From eating fresh veggies to undergoing serious training, our new spring routines are as fresh as the air. We're excited to swap out our winter habits for the more vitamin-D-friendly spring ones. What are you switching up for spring? We want to know!
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Gabrielle Korn, beauty production assistant
"This spring, I'm going to switch out cooked vegetables for fresh ones — no more steaming bowls of veggie soups and stews for me (though I'll definitely miss them). Once the weather warms up, I plan to be all about the salads."

Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh; Photo: Courtesy of Pachd.
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Annie Tomlin, Beauty Director
"I've been huffing and puffing away on the stationary bike all winter, but the minute the temperature hits 60, I'm going to buy a regular, genuine, hit-the-road bicycle — maybe not the Dutch bike of my dreams, but certainly something that I can use to pedal my way around the city."

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Rebecca Taras, Chicago editor
"When the temps start to warm up a bit, I like to adjust the length of my workout pants. Whether I'm in the studio, or headed outdoors, it just feels better to be dragging around a little less material while I'm working up a sweat!" 

Lucy Power Practice Sweat Pants, $89, available at Lucy; Lucy Power Practice Capris, $79, available at Lucy.
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When the craving for ice cream hits, just grab one of Yoplait’s new flavors for a sweet, creamy fix. You’ll get that all-important cool, great taste with a lot fewer calories. Plus, we bet your local truck doesn’t have Pina Colada on tap.


Photographed by Anna Alexia Basile; Photo: Courtesy of Yoplait.
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Megan McIntyre, senior beauty editor
"I'm not what you would call a dedicated exerciser. I sign up for classes, but always find some excuse or something really 'urgent' that needs to be done right this second that allows me to cancel. Running is one of the only exercises I've managed to stick with. Problem is, once it gets cold out and the days start getting shorter, I completely opt out. Now that it's starting to warm up, I need to get back out there. I've got an iPod full of get-pumped songs, plus a Nike+ SportBand locked and loaded to track my progress. It's go time!"

Photographed by Sam Mancuso;Nike Women's Free Run Shoes, $100, available at Sports Authority.
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Tara Rasmus, assistant beauty editor
"After a few too many rich pasta dishes this winter (hello, homemade Carbonara), I'm trying desperately to work some major veggies back into my diet. I'm swapping cheesy carbs for lighter (but still filling) dishes such as kale and white bean soup, veggie stir-fry with tofu and hoisin sauce, and a ratatouille-esque veggie stew. Lightening up for spring doesn't have to mean a deprivation diet — I'm feeling well-nourished and healthy from all those veggie vitamins!"

Photographed by Ingalls Photo; Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh.
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Angela Tafoya, San Francisco editor
"Since it's springtime and I'm trying to get back into shape for the season, a new pair of tennis shoes is a must. I plan on swapping my old gray New Balances for a pair of colorful kicks. How could you not want to work out with sneaks like this?"

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Holly Thomas, Washington, D.C. editor
"This one's a no-brainer for me — I'm training for the Nike Women's Half Marathon at the end of April, so I've swapped minimal exercise (think: occasional bike rides) for four or five workouts a week. It may sound silly, but having proper workout gear — stuff that makes you think 'Hey, I look like an athlete!' — can be incredibly motivating. Soon enough, you actually start to feel like one."

Schwinn Signature Cream 2, $470, available at Schwinn Bikes; Nike Engineered Print Women's Running Tights , $130, available at Nike.
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Sarah St Lifer, West Coast editorial assistant
"The end of chillier temps (i.e., dipping below 60 degrees here in SoCal!) means that kale season is coming to a close. While I do love the veggie, I've had more variations these past few months than I can count! This spring, I'm excited to try more fruit-based meals. My chef friend whipped up grilled watermelon and burrata — I have a feeling that dish will be a big part of my diet in the spring."

Photographed by Chris Baker; Photo: Courtesy of Pachd.
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Emily London, London editor
"It seems like winter has been around in London since forever. How I manage to get through the day is on two very strong flat whites from my favorite coffee shop, Flat White on Berwick Street. The coffee is a extra large shot of espresso with a generous glug of heated whole milk. As much as I love it, for spring I'm switching to Dr Stuart's Ginseng Plus herbal tea to get me through the day. Packed with three different types of ginseng and a shot of lemongrass, I know I'll have a spring in my step when spring actually gets here."

Photographed by Atisha Paulson; Photo: Courtesy of Pachd.