7 Pantone Colors You'll Be Obsessed With

Just paint it. Yes, we're brazenly co-opting Nike's tagline and making it our spring home catchphrase. Adding a splash of bold color to the pieces you already have in your home is the easiest, sharpest way to add vibrancy. And, everyone needs to be doing more of it. Your walls want some color. Your coffee table. Your vases. Your toothpaste. Okay, maybe we got carried away with the last one. But, we wanted to show just how zany, unexpected shades really do work together.

Spring colors usually mean pastels, but they can also include poppy red and sunshine orange. Happy colors. Colors that facilitate great dinner parties. And, colors that make you feel totally alive. So, we created three sets to showcase our favorite weird-but-awesome Pantone combinations by painting everything  — and capturing the behind-the-scenes action, too. The best part? They're all free/thrifted pieces. To paraphrase Madonna's "Vogue": "Don't just stand there / Let's get to it / Grab a brush / There's nothing to it."

Tropical Island Getaway

Poppy red and citrus orange are life-giving. They seriously breathe exhilarating energy into any room. Especially in the living space, where they'll keep the conversations buzzing and attitudes happy. 
Photography by Cory Dawson.
Lavender Dreams 

In the bedroom and bathroom, soft purple sets a soothing vibe. Who doesn't want to sleep amidst a sea of lilac? Use lime green accents to give a volt of electricity. Just a tiny zap. 
Photography by Cory Dawson.
Picnicking With Bunnies

Split pea soup is kind of a strange color on its own. Even our photo editor squinted a little when she first saw it in the paint can. But, when paired with lemon yellow and a touch of pale rose-blush pink, it becomes a family of happiness. Let's be real, yellow in the kitchen is always a good thing. 
Photography by Cory Dawson.