Comfy & Cute Weekend Clothes That Don't Try Too Hard

You work hard enough during the week — and put enough effort into getting dressed — that when the weekend rolls around, you deserve a break. If there's anything the weekend was made for, it's those mindless, throw-on-and-go outfits that are just as comfortable as they are effortless: like the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans or a flattering wrap dress. These are the pieces that help you look polished and put-together (even when you're the most hungover).

However, not having to try hard doesn't necessarily mean giving up completely. Instead, it's about soft fabrics, versatile silhouettes, and no-brainer items that make you feel good, regardless of your mood. We're talking about flowy pants, super-soft T-shirts, and slip-on flats that basically feel like slippers. With weekend duds like these, rolling out of bed in the morning and still looking effortless never seemed so easy.