15 Gorgeous Beauty Trends For Spring

We know the winter wind's still blowing, but in our book, it's never too early to start gawking at the pretty primpers and rad beauty looks we'll be sporting in the new season. Snow may still be on the ground, but dreaming of bright-orange pouts and floral hair accessories warms our hearts, we can almost feel those spring breezes. (Emphasis on almost.)
So, whether you're looking to cure your February boredom with a new haircut (perhaps Beyoncé's perfectly textured bob?) or searching for a manicure that doesn't make you look like you're going to a nail-art convention, we've got all of the beauty inspiration you need, right here. Click through to learn every trend that you need to know now — it's going to be your most gorgeous spring, ever!
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Pretty Cushy
It's no secret that BB creams have taken over the beauty world, but now there's an even cooler trend coming out of Korea: BB cushion compacts. These innovative, cushy palettes feature sponges that release just a bit of the product when you press your finger or brush on the cushion. Hey, anything to make our morning beauty routine more fun, right?
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Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh.
Hair, Adorned
Forget your memories of bad middle-school-era butterfly clips. Hair accessories are back in a huge way, whether in the form of these scattered daisies at Honor, larger flowers seen at Zac Posen, or any kind of barrette, headband, or scarf that you can dream up. What better way to ring in spring than with perfectly accessorized locks? Ah, to be the girl at the picnic with flowers in her hair...
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HD Gets Even Prettier

HD foundation is nothing new, but we've noted that the beauty industry is taking this trend even further, with new undetectable powders and blushes that will ensure your entire mug is impossibly smooth perfection. (Yes, even in photos!)
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Photographed by Nina Westervelt.
All About Roarange
What is Roarange, you say? Oh, it's just an awesome word that we came up with to describe this super-fierce lip shade that was seen all over the runways and mixes red and orange for a spring-y take on a classic crimson pout.
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Move Over, Radiant Orchid
Sorry, Pantone. We got psyched about the resurgence of lilac makeup way before Radiant Orchid was deemed the color of the year. Lilac eyeshadow and nail polish never really went away, but this year, we're going to be daring with lilac lippies and blushes that will be a whole new spin on a classic pink flush.
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Photographed by Nina Westervelt.
Coming Undone
Good news for when you inevitably get stuck in a warm April rainstorm (remember those?) and spring humidity sends your hair haywire: One of the most popular looks at the spring 14 shows was undone (yet still done) hair. Meaning, hair that's artfully tousled — in the most fashionable way possible, of course.
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Golden Opportunity
We have to admit that the girly-girls in us will always be obsessed with rose gold. So, we're psyched to have new ways to sport the world's most flattering metallic, from a blinged-out nail kit to a luminizer that gives our complexions a perfectly sunset-worthy glow.
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Photo: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters/Corbis
The Bob Goes Gritty (And Sexy)
Sure, Karlie and Arizona proved that the bob is having its biggest moment since the Roaring '20s, but Beyonce took the look to a whole new level at the Grammys when she added major grit, texture (and yes, water) to her lovely wavy crop for her performance — showing that a demure bob can be sexier and edgier than we ever thought possible.
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High Brow
Still figuring out how to perfect the strong-brow look? Well, getting your Delevigne on is easier than ever with these new brow tools. Want to get some waxy hold with your color? Try Anastasia's DipBrow pomade on for size. Want to fake fuller brows? Forget penciling in faux hairs — nab Benefit's Gimme Brow, which allows you to brush on tiny fibers for an impossibly full look.
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Photographed by Alexandra R. Gavillet.
Keep It Subtle
After much debate that nail art is dead, we'd like to propose a happy medium. While crazy flower-adorned claws may be some people's cup of tea, we have to say that we prefer more subtle takes on nail art, such as the subtle neon-striped white mani at Kate Spade or the color-rimmed nude mani at Ruffian. These takes on nail art still have a creative, youthful appeal — but they're actually sophisticated enough that your boss will take you seriously.
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Photographed by REX USA/Rob Latour.
Natural Hair, Don't Care
A breath of fresh air amidst a sea of over-styled coiffs, we love how ladies like Lorde and Solange Knowles are happily (and beautifully) showing off the hair their mommas gave them in all of their wavy-curly-kinky glory. While ironed-straight strands and artfully curled waves will probably always be in style, we're psyched to see ladies that are proud to simply rock it as is. (And, we can't wait to simply scrunch our own locks and go when the weather gets steamy.)
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With the BB, CC, etc. craze still in full swing, it seemed that full-coverage foundation had become a thing of the past. Well, worry not if "barely there coverage" just isn't for you, because serious foundation is getting a serious makeover in 2014. Take Becca's version that combines pure pigment with water for a hydrating, totally un-cake-y finish, or Sunday Riley's ultra-creamy pick that's packed with probiotics and biopeptides for a major skin treat.
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Texture Play
You guys already know that we're gaga for all of the new makeup textures out there — but, we have to say that we're most excited to get our paws on the latest lip finishes. From velvet liquids to matte gels to "huggable" lippies, these new primpers are high tech, totally gorgeous, and just begging to be experimented with.
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Photo: Courtesy of NARS.
Outside the Lines
We love a cat-eye flick as much as the next girl, but we were thrilled when we spotted some totally new ways to wear eyeliner on the runways, such as this awesome take on surfer-girl chic at Marc Jacobs. So, resolve to mix up your liner this season, whether you're taking a brand-new shade for a spin (we love a forest green for spring), or playing up your lower lashline instead of the upper. (Insert "Blurred Lines" joke here.)
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Rosy Outlook
We've gotten some strong intel that rose oil is going to be the "It Ingredient" in skin care this year for its healing and restoring properties. Look for it in everything from moisturizers to this balancing roll-on fragrance — and enjoy that whiff of spring before the flowers even begin to bloom.
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