The Best Spanish-Speaking Bloggers Anglophones Need To Know Now!

[Update: This story was originally published on April 5, 2012.]
Bloggers come in all sorts of shapes and orientations. But living in the U.S., we sometimes forget that while English is the most spoken language, Spanish is in a close second. Reflecting that diversity are a cutting-edge group of Latina ladies who take to the web to show their impeccable style. There’s an army of chicas who are blurring global (and linguistic) boundaries by blending their bilingual fashion sense and culture into the blogging world. Not only are they becoming stars along the way, but they’re receiving lots of amor and attention around the globe (and blog-o-sphere) for their words and impeccable taste. From Spain to Miami to Amsterdam, here are the five most caliente Latina fashion bloggers that you absolutely need to bookmark now. We wonder: These gals must have some pretty great novios de fotógrafo.
Photo: Courtesy of StyleScrapbook
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Nany's Klozet
Where: Miami, USA
We Totally Love Her... Ability to create an editorial-worthy outfit from everyday clothes.

Venezuelan transplant Daniella Ramirez lives in Miami, and only wrote in Español when she first started blogging in 2009. But today, the FIT student has added English to her site (Yes, habla Inglés too). Her ensembles look like they cost hundreds of dollars, yet she scores them at spots like JCPenney and Target, which makes us love her daring interpretations even more. Talk about style inspiration.

Photos: Courtesy of Nany's Klozet
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Where: Miami, USA
We Totally Love Her... Incredible, breathtaking looks and globe-trotting adventures.

Colombian model and jewelry designer Jenny Lopez named her blog after herself because it sounds like "Bond... James Bond." Yes, the Miami transplant has a sense of humor (muy comica), not to mention a knack for vintage shopping and an ability to communicate her effortlessly cool look to all of us. As far as the latest in beauty, she video blogs about must-haves products and foods that keep us looking linda. With her glowing skin a trademarked asset, studying up on her how-tos (which are usually bilingual) will do your visage some good.

Photos: Courtesy of Jenny Lopez
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Style Scrapbook
Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
We Totally Love Her... Absurdly diverse, inventive, and Pinterest-worthy day-to-day looks.

From being the face of Mango's campaigns to designing bags for Kipling to gracing countless fashion glossies and sites, Mexican beauty Andy Torres is in the blogging big leagues. Her girl-next-door charm and the ease she exudes in assembling outfits from affordable mass-market stores like Zara and H&M never diminishes, even when she is featured in every style stalking pub around (The Cut, Spanish Vogue, Spanish Elle, just to name a few). She's got the high/low thing on lock by mixing in pricier brands like Alexander Wang and Givenchy in with her vintage finds.. Oh, and the perpetual smile and cheery snaps will make any reader want to immediately be her best amiga.

Photos: Courtesy of StyleScrapbook
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Lovely Pepa
Where: Vigo, Spain
We Totally Love Her... Her exploits on the other side of the world. Her trend reports and enviable outfits prove it: Style is universal.

Nominated for Best International Blog at this year’s Bloglovin' awards (the only Spanish speaker in the contest), Alex Pereira loves her French Bulldog so much she named her blog after the pup. And yes, Pepa The Pooch also makes tons of cameos in outfit posts where Pereira mixes and matches vintage with 3.1 Phillip Lim and H&M with Miu Miu. She offers a Bohemian take on Spanish life —with a smile and plenty of bright, aspirational photos.

Photos: Courtesy of Lovely Pepa
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Oh My Vogue
Where: Spain
We Totally Love Her... Ultra femme looks and her sophisticated take on daywear, and we're sure her diehard fanbase will agree.

Writing her posts both in Spanish and English, Española Henar Vicente is like a street savvy version of the girl we dreamed of looking like as little kids. With long blonde hair, fair flawless skin, and a lean stature, her well-heeled outfits are almost as inspiring as the Spanish streets she shoots them in. Get enamored by her attention to detail, like matching her Dior polish to her outfits, or her beauty section, were she shares her favorite products. Of course, there are some truly European outfits — and an impeccably clean sense of fashion not often seen in U.S. bloggers — so peeking in on her life is truly worth it.

Photos: Courtesy of Oh My Vogue