Meet Fashion's Newest Game Changers

The most gorgeous qualities of the most stunning people we know have nothing to do with eyelash lengths or chin shapes, and everything to do with a sense of adventure, fiery confidence, and willingness to not do things the same ol' way.

This year, we're celebrating exactly that kind of beauty with The New Provocateurs — introducing you to the coolest, most inspiring, rule-bending women in every industry, starting with fashion.

Inspired by the trendsetters at Revlon, we set out to discover what makes the fashion world's bravest really stand out. We tracked down 15 game changers — those designers, retailers, stylists, photographers, and PR powerhouses disrupting the industry's status quo — and shot them wearing their favorite outfits and most daring makeup looks (with a little help from Revlon, of course). Each woman here has a trailblazing story, a unique concept of beauty, and a whole lot of guts. Who knows? Maybe they'll inspire you to provoke some change of your own.

Soo-Young Kim

Like so many millennials, Soo-Young Kim's job didn't really exist a decade ago. Sure, having climbed her way up the editorial chain at Complex Media, she has a background that'd be familiar to anyone in the publishing sphere a generation back. But, fashion editor for a mega-retailer like Well, that's a new thing entirely, isn't it?
As the walls between commerce and editorial collapse at Moda Operandi, Net-A-Porter, and, yes, Refinery29, even legendary retailers from the 19th century are adopting modern strategies for luring ever-elusive luxury customers. And Kim, who dreamed about working in fashion since she was a little girl, didn't want a traditional, conservative job — she wanted a challenge. That's why she brought her editorial skills to the photo shoots and features on, where she's ushering a 116-year-old icon toward 21st-century success.
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The biggest challenge I've ever faced
“Right now, I’m new to retail — I used to have more of a writing focus. Now that I’m on the visual side of fashion versus the writing side, I view my magazine collection and inspirations in a whole different way. So, I’m trying to learn from my new coworkers and play by the rules. It’s only once you know the rules that you can start to break them. Starting right out and doing something crazy just to see if it will stick isn’t the right way to go about it. So, I’m being a little cautious now, but that’s only so I can be rebellious later.”
What I do to feel glamorous
"I amp up my look with lipstick, whether it’s pink or red or dark or neon. I change my hair like every six months. I’m not shy about that. Finally, I don’t accessorize most of the week, but I feel pretty glamorous whenever I wear my gold necklaces, shiny rings, and grills!"
How I find a balance
“I make time to hang out with my friends, family, and the people I love so I can decompress. Also — cornball time — being with them helps me remember who I am and whose support got me to where I am. I also like to read YA novels and practice yoga when I can. Does binge-watching TV shows count?”
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Hair by Bethany Brill; Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; Styled by Laura Pritchard