What Quick-Fix Essentials Does Stylist Jessie Artigue Keep In Her Bag?

You totally wish you knew Jessie Artigue. Not only is she a professional stylist, a go-to trend-reporting source for major media outlets, a trained journalist, and a personal fashion-advice swami, she's also got top taste in nibbles and drinks. Imagine strolling down the sidewalks with her as she helps you re-imagine your wardrobe. After some noontime shopping at her favorite store, you head to a cute little bar before she stops mid-sentence to snap a street-style pic for her blog, Style and Pepper. Sounds pretty idyllic, right? Well, even though we can't introduce you to her directly, we're giving you the next best thing — a virtual afternoon downtown with Jessie as she clips along in her Clarks, takes you to her favorite spots, shows you what she packs in her purse, and offers you her definition of good street style.
So, click on the slideshow and come along on a day out with your new best friend and personal style expert, and when you're done, meet up with your old pals Kater, Rachel, and Ellie for more.
Photographed by Aaron Richter, Styled by Claudia Cifu, Hair by Sera Sloane Bishop, Makeup by Tiffany Patton.
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First Stop:
McNally Jackson Books, 52 Prince Street (between Lafayette and Mulberry streets); 212-274-1160

DKNY jacket, Karen Walker dress, Clarks shoes, jewelry by Giles & Brother.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Book Worm:
"I love ducking into McNally Jackson for a Sunday-afternoon date with my husband when we're exploring the city. Its cookbook and magazine sections are always great for researching new, healthy recipes, and the café tables are the perfect spot to recharge while enjoying the latest best-selling fiction."

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Sidewalk Inspiration:
"I don't think the novelty of exploring the city will ever get old for me as I'm constantly finding inspiration from different neighborhoods, new shops, and people. Sometimes, it's a store display that makes me think of a trend I'd like to try, a restaurant that inspires a new recipe idea, or even the personal style of a passerby that gives me an idea for a new blog post."

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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In My Go Bag:
“I always have a nice big tote to haul around the extra jewelry, shoes, and accessories I need to change up my look. At the very least, I almost always carry a bold lip color, a few cocktail rings, and vintage silk scarf to take my look from day to night — great options if you've only got a tiny bit of room in your bag and need to spice up your look in a hurry."

And to carry you from A to B, we recommend a stylish bootie with a soft upper and a comfortable, stable heel that adds as much zip and chic.

Clarks Heath Merlin Bootie, $110, available at Clarks. Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Style Du Jour:
"Choosing my outfit each morning is hugely affected by the type of day I have in front of me, and most of the time, I have to consider that I'll be trekking all over the city for meetings and projects."

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Second Stop:
The Randolph, 349 Broome Street (between Elizabeth Street and Bowery); 212-274-0667

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Classic Cocktails:
"This is great little spot to grab a drink with friends. Its café tables out front are perfect for people watching, and the piano and old-timey bar give it a fun, vintage vibe."

VEDA jacket, H&M blouse, vintage skirt, Clarks heels, Giles & Brother necklace, Erickson Beamon earrings.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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"I'm almost always in some form of a heel — even on long days in the city! Personally, I find a chic, sturdy heel is much more comfortable than flimsy flats. No one believes me, but it's true!"

Clarks Wessex Wyvern Heels, $120, available at Clarks.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Bag Of Tricks:
"I keep a little zipper bag full of 'tricks' in my purse at all times, and the contents are always changing but it usually includes some blotting papers — a summer staple I use instead of a powder compact to de-shine without adding product. There are always Goody Spin Pins in there and Band-aids for footwear malfunctions or making friends with fellow fashionistas changing shoes on the subway."

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Street-Style Is...
"To me, good street style is almost never related to a current trend or brand name — it's about experimentation and personal expression. Personally, I try to create vintage-inspired looks, but I love seeing other people in outfits that evoke the same smile-inducing emotion that I'm shooting for."

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Power Supply:
Whenever I'm about to head out on a long walk, I bring extra energy with me. Packing an iPhone Boostcase and charger has changed my life, allowing me to get so much more work done while I'm out and about. I'm also always sporting a reusable water bottle. When my bag starts feeling too heavy, it's a great reminder to take a swig to lighten the load! Also, it's always easy to add a powder supplement when I need an extra dose of energy in the afternoon."

Photographed by Aaron Richter