Sneaker Snaps Challenge 3: End The Trend!

  • Becka Diamond, Slowly Goes The Nite
    Overdoing It Is Overdone

    "For the first challenge showcasing the death of a trend, I paired the Nine West sneaker with a basic uniform, something I really love wearing. Adding cool accessories like wedge sneakers, a suspender belt, and some killer jewelry completes the look. I would like to see the end of "trend-on-trend" dressing. I think it's great to be inspired, but following one trend to the next can leave your style looking a bit confused. Here, I used colored hair, feathers, prints, and neon — all fun things I have seen work in doses. I've always admired Kate Moss' style for this reason; She exudes an effortless chicness without being overdone. Remembering who you are and not always following what everyone else is wearing can let the wearer use a trend to their advantage, and maybe create a new one in the process."

    LANA in black, available at Nine West.

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  • Ann Colville, Holier Than Now

    "Colorblocking was not my favorite trend — I kind of raged against it in my monochromatic way. I pretty much moved to New York because of Woody Allen’s Manhattan(an ode to New York in black and white), so I guess it’s no surprise that a large part of my wardrobe is black, white, and white prints. It just feels right here; It’s such a graphic city. Also, what’s with this idea that color is "fun" and black is "serious"? A black and white palette always inspires me to play with layering textures and shapes, and it’s a great canvas for piling on gold accessories, like these snakeskin high tops (and since I’ve yet to be mistaken for a mime, I guess this tactic is working). I understand why we all gravitated towards color last year, but for me, black and white can be just as...uplifting."

    Sonni in Bronze, available at Nine West.

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  • Meghan Donovan, Wit & Whimsy
    Totally Over The Rainbow

    "Before moving to New York, I spent eight years in California. During college, these rainbow flip-flops were the thing to have on the west coast. I still own mine for running to the corner market, but I’m thinking this is a trend I ought to retire and keep for my Nine West sneakers or my TOMS. I paired the sneakers with a standard outfit of jeans and some neutral layers. I love that these shoes go with anything and make a statement themselves."

    DLV 300 in silver, available at Nine West.

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